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About Ulithorne

Ulithorne was created in 1950 by Bob Whiting when he planted the first vines that would go on to produce the first Ulithorne wines. The commitment to nurture the individual characters from the vines and present the best that the land can offer in each of the wines has seen Ulithorne become an iconic South Australian wine brand. The diversity in the wines reflect the diversity of the land from which they come. Individual characteristics highlight the uniqueness of each block of the Ulithorne vineyards.

Ulithorne was born from a commitment to best present what the land could offer in the wines produced. The philosophy of Ulithorne has always been about seeking the best reflection of its source.

These wines focus on recognising the characteristics of each individual parcel of land – altitude, aspect, temperature, and soil. Small batch wine that can be hard to find but are always eagerly sought by enthusiasts. Those that know and enjoy these wines share Ulithorne’s vision and willingness to take the time to consider origin and authenticity.

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