What's the deal?

Book the Feed me menu and get a complimentary glass of Rockford White Frontignac or Cabernet Sauvignon by Woodstock Wines or any choice of cocktail from our Superstitious drinks Menu. Valued up to $19 per person.


Book the Feed me Menu and get a complimentary entree of traditional Thai Son in law or Thai style salmon sashimi per couple. Valued up to $20 per entrée.  

How do I get it?

Simply select either the RAA drink special or the RAA entrée special when booking.

About Superstitious Asian Fusion

Superstitious Asian Fusion embodies the pinnacle of culinary mastery and ardor, conceived by four visionary individuals whose culinary journeys span a diverse spectrum. Chefs Ian Wen and Dan Lau, distinguished talents from Kyoku Yakiniku collaborating since 2018, meticulously craft our exclusive Asian delights with a fusion of inventiveness and exactitude. Meanwhile, the Loke brothers, Kean and Ken, draw from their rich backgrounds in customer service and mixology from esteemed establishments like Kosho and Ginlong Canteen, orchestrating an unparalleled dining experience that promises to linger in your memory.

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