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RAA members get 10% off tickets to FANGIRLS at Adelaide Festival 2021. Plus, you can also save 10% off drinks at the Summerhouse when you show your RAA card. 

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Click the 'buy tickets' button on this page, then follow the prompts. There's no need to enter a promotional code - simply leave that field blank. You'll be required to enter your RAA membership number to secure your discount. 

A comedy all about the ways that the world tries to convince young women that they’re not as worthy as their brothers. It follows Edna, a plucky misfit scholarship girl who believes that she alone can win the heart of the world’s biggest pop star; Harry. Sure, he has 38 million other fans, but for Edna, that’s merely a hurdle. Because there’s nothing she won’t do to meet Harry. No really, nothing.

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