What's the deal?

RAA members save 3% on Caltex Woolworths eGift  Cards that will be emailed straight to your inbox, with no expiry date. Simply pre-purchase the eGift Card with the 3% discount and redeem the full value at your local Caltex Woolworths location.

Sick of forking out more and more at the petrol pump? There’s sure to be a Caltex Woolworths fuel site near you when you need it, with more than 500 Caltex Woolworths service stations across Australia. They’re your one stop for food, coffee and fuel on the go! 


How do I get it?

Simply click the link and follow the steps, select the fuel gift card, and place your order. 

How to redeem Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards

Redeeming a physical Gift Card in-store

  1. Select 'Card' as a payment method
  2. Swipe your Gift Card through the terminal
  3. Enter the 4 digit PIN located on the reverse of your Gift Card (called 'Access code') under a scratch panel

Redeeming an eGift Card in-store

  1. Select 'Card' as a payment method
  2. Scan the barcode or enter the eGift Card number (also called 'In-store code')
  3. You can find your eGift Card barcode, 'In-store code' and PIN on your email


About Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards

A Caltex Woolworths Gift Card can be used at selected Caltex Woolworths locations, and with over 500 locations across Australia, there'll be one near you wherever you go. Simply pre-purchase Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards online and save 3%.

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