A world-class partner is taking over our security monitoring services

Technological advancements due to rollout through the security monitoring industry over the next five years will impact RAA’s ability to continue to offer best-practice security monitoring for members and customers.

After a strategic review, the RAA Board considered that selling its Secure Services business to a specialist provider was the best way we could continue to provide the monitoring protection our members and customers need and deserve well into the future.

For more than 117 years, we’ve always had the best interests of our members at heart—and this decision is no exception.

We’ve found a world-class partner in ADT Security, who will soon take over monitoring of all RAA security customers, honouring all existing conditions, including the price.

You’re in good hands.

ADT Security is a leading specialist provider of security monitoring services and stood out in a selective purchase process, which included a range of companies on the open market.

ADT Security has invested in the technology to deliver the highest quality monitoring service and protection for our members and customers.

For more information, the below FAQs may help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change?
  • Why isn’t RAA doing security monitoring anymore?
  • Why ADT Security?
  • But it was fine before. Why change?
  • What else is changing?
What does this mean for my security monitoring service?
  • NEWWhen is my security monitoring services transferring to ADT Security?
  • What does this mean for my security monitoring service with RAA?
  • Will there be any disruptions to my monitoring service?
  • Will new equipment have to be installed at my house?
  • Will my security pricing change?
  • I haven’t got my system installed yet, what does this mean for me?
RAA membership impacts
  • NEW I’m only a member because of the security product, what happens now?
  • NEW Are there any membership impacts as a result of this change?
  • NEW How long will I continue to receive member loyalty product discounts?
  • NEW Do I need to get rid of my old membership card?
  • NEW Will I lose the multi-category product discount/s I receive on my other RAA products?
  • NEW Will I continue to receive a 30% discount on my Home Contents Insurance?
  • NEW If I’m no longer a member, can I still access member benefits?
What do I need to do?
  • Do I have to change over to ADT Security?
  • NEW Do I need to provide my preferred payment method to ADT Security?
About ADT Security
  • Why ADT Security?
  • NEW Will the monitoring still be conducted locally by ADT Security? If not, why not? As the RAA is a proudly local organisation, why wasn’t this a condition of the sale?
  • NEW ADT Security alerts