Our next step

For over 115 years now, we’ve been on the road helping South Australians get on with life. From that time you locked your keys in your car to when you got a flat battery on the way to the Flinders – we were with you.

But just like you, we’re evolving. Taking our next step. To show South Australians that we keep lives moving in all kinds of ways – not just on the road, but at home and on holidays.

So, what’s our next step?

It starts with a bold new logo. Our website, yellow vans – and everything in between – will begin to look a bit different too.

We’ve kept the things that make us who we are, which is good news for fans of yellow! And you’ll continue to see a dash of South Aussie spirit in everything we do.

We’ll be bringing you better experiences, whether you choose to interact with us online, over the phone, in person – or even at the footy.

We’ll keep protecting you and your possessions, but you’ll notice us doing even more to help you around your home. And our travel team will be busier than ever planning your next great adventure – in SA, interstate and worldwide.

Moving forward, together.

We might look a little different, but you’re still at the heart of every decision we make.

Our team of locals are still doing what they do best, whether it’s getting your car going again, sorting out your insurance claim or planning your next dream holiday.

And we’ll still be finding new ways to make things easier, safer and better for you. So you can focus on what matters most.

RAA. Keep on moving on.