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If you need Road Service within the next 2 hours, or you're outside the Adelaide metropolitan area, please call 13 11 11.

What's wrong

Are you in a situation, where:

  • A child or animal is locked in the car
  • Your car is blocking traffic
  • You feel unsafe

Do you have RAA Road Service?

Do you need a new battery?

If you're unsure, answer 'No'

Are you, or is anyone with you, currently required to be in isolation due to:

  • Recent travel
  • Instructions from a health professional
  • Direct exposure to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days

For the safety of our Road Service patrols, we request that you maintain appropriate physical distancing and follow their instructions when they arrive.

Is there anything that would prevent you from doing so?

What kind of vehicle do you need help with?

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