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Which one of these must give way?

On a road when two lines of traffic merge into one line, this is called a zip merge. In a zip merge the vehicle that is behind, in this case Car A, has to give way to any vehicle that is ahead of it.

Which one of these must give way?

Car A is turning left from a slip lane. It must give way to any vehicles on the road that it is about to enter, including Car B which is turning right.

Which one of these must give way?

At a roundabout, you must always give way to vehicles already in the roundabout. Therefore as Car A is already in the roundabout Car B is obliged to give way to it.

Which one of these must give way?

At an uncontrolled intersection, all vehicles must give way to other vehicles approaching from their right. Car A should therefore give way to Car B.

Which one of these must give way?

Both cars are facing a stop sign, however Car B is turning right and so must give way to all vehicles approaching from the opposite direction.

When driving near children playing or walking near the edge of the road, you should-

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean?

You are most likely to find this sign, where-

Provisional drivers are often involved in crashes when turning right across oncoming traffic. What is the main cause of these crashes?

Which one of the following is most likely to cause you to lose control of your vehicle on a bend?

What is the most common cause for young provisional drivers being involved in crashes with cross traffic at intersections?

Right turns must be made from which lanes when travelling on a laned roadway?

What is the meaning of this sign?

You are driving a long vehicle (eg a car towing a trailer) on an unlaned country road where Road Trains do not operate. What minimum distance must you keep between your vehicle and another long vehicle, if you do not want to overtake?


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