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You are approaching a hill or a curve. You must not cross the centre line to overtake-

Which one of the following statements is correct?

To reduce the effect of alcohol before driving or riding you should-

You are most likely to find this sign-

You must give way to pedestrians on a marked pedestrian crossing-

You wish to turn left at this intersection. The traffic lights are red and you see this sign. You should-

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean?

When turning left at a dual lane roundabout you should enter and leave the roundabout-

A licensed driver, or the registered owner of a motor vehicle, must inform the Registrar of Motor Vehicles of any change of address within-

It is early morning and there is no other traffic about. You approach an intersection when the traffic lights change from green to yellow. What should you do?

How must you position your vehicle when driving on a road marked with lane lines?

A child aged 6 months to 4 years, must-

You are driving at night with your headlights on high beam. When should you dip your headlights?

When reversing, you should-

What does this sign mean?

You are driving a car, which has just entered an intersection from a lane, marked with an arrow on the road pointing to the right. What are you allowed to do?

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean at an intersection if used with a thick white line painted across part of the road?

Which ONE of the following statements is TRUE?

Looking at the diagram, which vehicle must give way?

Having a radar detector or jammer in your car is against the law-

When driving at sunset or dawn on a dark day, what should you do?

In this roundabout with dual lanes, can this car turn right?

What should you do if a rear tyre on your vehicle should deflate rapidly while travelling along the road?

You should expect this sign, when-

If you are going out and going to drink alcohol, the best way to avoid having to drink and drive is to-

You should angle park-

You wish to turn left at an intersection and the traffic lights are green. There are vehicles already in the intersection, what should you do?

You give a friend and her 12 year old son a lift. Your friend sits in the front and her son gets in the back. The boy does not put his seat belt on. By law, who has to make sure the child wears his seat belt?

Provisional drivers have higher crash rates through running off the road on both straight sections and in bends than fully licensed drivers. Why is this so?

What does this sign mean?

Which movements shown in the diagram can legally be made by the driver of Vehicle 1?

If one or two of your wheels run off the edge of the roadway, you should-

Provisional drivers are often involved in crashes when turning right across oncoming traffic. What is the main cause of these crashes?

What is the closest distance you may park on the approach side of a children's crossing?

If turning at an intersection are you required to give way to pedestrians?

If the vehicle you are driving is involved in an accident, which results in injury to a person, or which causes damage to property, what must you do first?

You are driving in a 60 km/h zone, with only one lane for traffic in your direction. You see a bus ahead (with this sign displayed on the rear) signalling its intention to pull out from the kerb, you should-

You are driving in a 70 km/h zone, keeping to the limit. Several vehicles pass you. One of your passengers suggests you should keep up with the other traffic. What should you do?


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