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What is this driver doing that is negligent and illegal?

Before driving a motor vehicle or riding a motor cycle it is safest-

You want to make a left turn. You must use your left hand indicator-

When you see this sign you should-

What does this sign mean?

Providing they are not breaking the speed limit, what is the maximum speed for learner drivers who are not in a driving school vehicle fitted with dual brake controls?

When turning right from a two way unlaned road to another two way unlaned road, you must approach the intersection from-

It is important to scan while driving so you can see everything that is happening on the road. What does scanning involve?

You are at a busy intersection with slow moving traffic and want to go straight ahead. When the traffic lights change to green you should make sure that-

When driving on a multi lane road with a speed limit of over 80 km per hour, which lane should you choose?

You drive towards these people on the road. What should you do?

What does this sign mean?

You must use your indicator lights when-

Which statement is true?

The highest Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.) allowed for 'L' plate drivers in South Australia when driving a vehicle is-

When is a young driver most at risk of having a serious crash?

You drive up to a tram that has just stopped at a tram stop. What is the most important thing you should do?

If elderly people or children are on a pedestrian crossing you will probably need to-

You are driving along a country bitumen road where, because of inattention, the two left side wheels run onto the loose gravel surface on the edge of the road. What should you do?

You are driving towards a large roundabout which is marked with lanes. At the laned roundabout, you intend to take the road that leads off to the right. What signals must you give?

What should you do on approaching a railway level crossing displaying a STOP sign?

When do you have to give way to pedestrians at a children's crossing ('Emu' crossing)?

The car wants to turn right and exit the roundabout in the street indicated by an arrow. Is the car positioned in the correct lane to do this?

The Speed limit on this road is 90 km/h. You have just overtaken a vehicle travelling in the left lane. What should you do next?

You are driving in busy traffic in a 60 km/h zone. You feel 60 km/h is a bit too fast for the conditions. What should you do?

To reduce the effect of alcohol before driving or riding you should-

Which sign painted on the road tells you there is a school zone ahead?

What does this sign mean?

You wish to turn left at an intersection and the traffic lights are green. There are vehicles already in the intersection, what should you do?

You are in Vehicle 1, you may overtake Vehicle 2 in front-

How should you merge with traffic when entering a freeway?

When drivers have been drinking, the crashes they are involved in are generally-

When do School Zones apply?

What does this sign mean?

What is the most common cause of drivers being involved in rear end collisions?

You are sitting in a seat that has a seat belt fitted to it. When must you wear it?

When you see this sign you must-

You are driving your vehicle along a street and want to stop for a short time. Are you allowed to double park your vehicle (that is stand it on the road alongside a parked car)?

You are driving a vehicle that only has a seat belt for the driver. To reduce the danger of being injured in a collision in a vehicle without a seat belt, where is the best place for passengers to sit?

When there are no arrows marked on the road, left turns must be made from-

What does this sign mean?

What is the closest distance you may park on the approach side of a children's crossing?


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