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When you see this sign you-

Which of the vehicles are allowed to cross the lines on the centre of the road in order to overtake?

Is a Qualified Supervising Driver who is instructing a learner driver allowed to have alcohol in their blood?

Is it an offence to refuse to take a Police breath test?

What is this driver doing that is negligent and illegal?

What is the speed limit of a vehicle passing a school bus that has stopped to allow children to get on or off?

If you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you must-

Which ONE of the following statements is TRUE?

Where there are double dividing lines, you may park-

If the vehicle you are driving is involved in an accident and a person is injured, you-

If turning at an intersection are you required to give way to pedestrians?

What does this sign mean?

What is the safest way to stay under the legal alcohol limit?

What must you do at an intersection when faced with a 'Stop' sign without a thick white line painted across part of the road?

What does this sign mean?

As you approach an intersection with traffic lights, the yellow light turns to red. You must-

Under good conditions, when driving behind any vehicle, at any speed, you should-

If the grip or friction of the tyres on a gravel road is half that of a bitumen road, how will this affect your minimum braking distance when travelling at the same speed on the gravel road?

If both vehicles P and O in the diagram are turning right, which vehicle is in the best position to turn left into the street marked 'X'?

You give a friend and her 12 year old son a lift. Your friend sits in the front and her son gets in the back. The boy does not put his seat belt on. By law, who has to make sure the child wears his seat belt?

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean?

When you wish to turn left at a roundabout you indicate-

If an overtaking vehicle signals that it must move in, in front of you, you should-

You should not drive across a railway level crossing when-

You set out on a fairly long drive to see some friends. After a while you start feeling tired. What should you do?

When you come across road works-

You are driving on a freeway and realise you forgot something at home. You want to go back for it. Can you do a U-turn on this road?

Where must you position your car on a road, which is marked with lane lines, before turning to the left?

What does this sign mean?

If there are pedestrians or bicycle riders on a pedestrian crossing ('Wombat' crossing), you are required to-

A car is carrying a driver and 3 adult passengers. There are seat belts in all seating positions. By law, seat belts must be worn by-

What does this sign mean?

Which sign painted on the road tells you there is a school zone ahead?

A licensed driver, or the registered owner of a motor vehicle, must inform the Registrar of Motor Vehicles of any change of address within-

Looking at the diagram, which vehicle must give way?

When you see this sign, you should-

There are no traffic signs or signals at an intersection. If you intend to drive through the intersection, you must give way to-

You are waiting at an intersection and the lights are red. The traffic lights change to green. You should-

If the red lights on this sign are flashing, what are you required to do?

What does this sign mean?

If the boomgates are down and the signals are flashing, at a railway level crossing, you may begin to cross-


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