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Elaine, Pasadena
My recycle bin was knocked over during the night. In the morning I was out the front picking up my recycling which was spread around when a young guy walking past stopped to help me put it back in the bin. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you.
Rhonda, Vale Park
Early stages I made home made biscuits and left a gift on a number of neighbours door steps. Later on, at Easter I laminated a list of important telephone numbers, baked some hot cross biscuits and left on neighbours letter boxes. I now know some new neighbours that I did not know before . A good feeling.
Connie, Para Vista
My mum has an elderly friend in her 80s (can’t drive or speak English) & her son suddenly & expectantly passed away. My mum rang her to offer condolences and in the phone call her friend mentioned she didn’t have clothes to wear to her son’s funeral. My mum immediately went to the shops to buy her clothes and dropped them off to her.
Sharon, Reynella
My husband and I have been collecting food, with help from our church. We make food hamper boxes and give them to the less fortunate.
Starr, Davoren park
I work as a paramedic and it touched my heart to get back onto station after a busy day and find these beautiful messages of thanks made for us by Some local primary school children!!! It honestly makes a tough job so worthwhile to feel the appreciation and admiration from these young people!!!
Angela, St Peters
Today on Mother's Day we drove to my mum's and my mother-in-law's to drop off gifts and a high tea with social distancing.
My elderly neighbour who lives alone is staying with family in the country until the virus danger subsides a little. I am collecting her mail & holding for her & as well as watering her plants and keeping an eye on her unit.
Nicole, Seaton
My two children aged 11 and 6 wanted to spread the message of ‘Hope’ during these difficult times, so we drew this on our carport door to help brighten our community. Even with all the rain of the past couple of days our ‘Hope’ chalk drawing is shining bright for all to see. 🌈🌈🌦
Cassidy , Plympton Park
This easter was my first holiday away from family and I found this so lonely and wanted to reach out to anyone experiencing the same thing. I made little packs of Easter eggs along with a note to reach out if they are ever in need and put them on the letter boxes of my neighbours. A few days later I received a thankyou note in my mailbox from a young girl across the street.
John and Kaye Flack, run a service called 'Pathways' which involves them collecting unsold food from various supermarkets, sorting through the food, and making food boxes for low income families. Any food that is not in condition for human consumption, is then collected for animals. The couple work all week to ensure that vulnerable families have food to eat and are significantly reducing food waste.
Lyn, Plympton
I am a committee member of a View Club & as we are no longer able to have our monthly lunch meetings & not able to fundraiser for The Smith family the committee has a "phone tree" This means each committee member keeps in touch by phone with 6-10 members to be sure they know we care how they are coping as many are living alone/elderly. It seems to be really appreciated.
Rachel , Trinity gardens
pruning my roses the other day and noticing people were walking past my house I decided to leave a message (made from my roses) on my front lawn a sign of HOPE .. with a big bucket of freshly cut roses in my drive way with another sign reading ( please take one) as they walked past #ShareKind
elaine, narridy
While cooking pasties, pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones i made extra and took some to a couple of friends who aren't well. They are also self isolating.
Connie, Parham
My lovely neighbour knowing that I work in disability and have been feeling a bit down recently due to being concerned about the virus, gave me a cutting from her grandmother's plant that is over 40 years old. She has made going to work a little brighter and cheered me up so much
Trudi, Ceduna
In Nov. 2019 I became a yoga teacher after 10 weeks of travelling back and forth to Adelaide. In Dec 2019 I started teaching yoga twice a week to the beautiful people of my remote community. On 23rd March 2020 I had to stop but couldn't, 10 days later I started free online classes; for those struggling to revamp their business, out of work, needing to find balance or just needing time to breathe.
Leanne, Blakeview
We were in self isolation after coming home from cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas, our lovely neighbours kept coming over to check we were ok & did shopping for us. Very much appreciated.
Margaret, Risdon Park
Received in post a parcel. It was a book "The Last Of the Bonegilla Girls" Inside was a card with beautiful words. Here's a mystery book sent as a random act of kindness A token acknowledgement of all the kind things you do for all those around you. Stay Wonderful. Especially a lovely act of kindness especially as I love reading. Thanks to a lovely person Amy Cooper.
Alison, Lower Mitcham
A householder nearby in lower Mitcham has established a 'share stall' there are books and plant cuttings. On Friday I found a potted spinach seedling which is now in my garden. I am grateful to persons presently unknown showing community kindness and I will give back when I can.
I have a street library in my front yard. It has been VERY popular while libraries have been closed. I have received 3 notes of thanks , plus a lovely lady knocked on my door and gave me a bag of lollies to say thank you. I have kept busy making beanies for the homeless. Dropped a bag of them off last week, and can now make more because a friend has wool for me.
Sandra, Kadina
Many of the children at Kadina Child Care Centre were missing visits from their grandparents and no doubt the grandparents were missing them too! So we drew some pictures and delivered them to our neighbours to brighten their day. We in turn have had our day brightened by receiving so many lovely letters, cards and even a book in return!
Graeme, Morphett Vasle
I found a hand written note in the letter box early this week,asking if we would drop a card for her daughters 18th birthday as she couldn't have a party due too the virus. So went & got a card to put in their letter box for sunday
Angela, Happy Valley
My beautiful daughter Cassie (20) saw an elderly gentleman in our shops looking very confused at the soft drinks. She knew he should probably be home. He had just had surgery. She helped him with his shopping and then helped load it in his car, to get him home to his wife quicker. He was so thankful, particularly that she had found his wife's favourite soft drink!! She had sanitised her hands and kept distance!
John, Fullarton
Surprise..surprise! I live on the fifth Floor of retirement complex comprising 140 apartments And Yes everyone is in Lockdown and very rarely ‘escape’ except for shopping No contact except by phone or email so imagine my surprise on opening my interior door There on the floor were two chocolate eggs. It was the same Easter Bunny (identity unknown). Some even received a roll of toilet paper... can’t wait for Christmas..yeah!
Deborah , Elizabeth South
I had been having trouble getting toilet paper, paper towel and tissues and had just about run out when I asked my son to keep an eye out for some when he was shopping. After a couple of full very busy days at work he then proceeded to search every store at several shopping centres on his way home. On second day in 10th store he found some & said it felt like winning lotto!
Tahlia, Blair Athol
I recently lost my wallet and drink bottle at a busy shopping center car park. A very kind woman picked them up, looked at my drivers licence and delivered the wallet and drink bottle to my door step! No cash was missing. She even asked my husband for ID to verify him as I wasn't home from the shops yet. I was so grateful for this incredible kindness.
Phil, Millicent
Yesterday I opened my front door and discovered that someone had left some brownies on my doorstep. Such a thoughtful gesture made me feel humbled and a little emotional. My friends don't normally do such a thing, and it would have been even more touching had it not been my dog who left them.
Vivien, Port Willunga
C.W.A. meetings have been cancelled. In Willunga we have a day branch mainly older members and an evening branch mainly young members. As the day branch is mainly in isolation the evening girls are keeping in touch and assisting us getting perscriptions etc. Last week l had post and it was 3 cards hand made by one of the evening branch members children. A lovely supprise and bright srart to another day in isolation.
dawn, mount gambier
I was at the work shed and a man I haven't seen before came in asking for a small piece of pvc pipe - I found what he was after and said as only a small piece you can have it for nothing. About 1/2 hour later I heard someone whipper snipping out the front of the work shed. It was the same man. He finished job smiled and waved as he left..
Judy, largs bay
I was meant to be travelling to Laos about now with Free The Bears. Instead I have been putting my energies into helping my neighbours. Three lovely UK students who have lost their jobs in hospitality and are doing things tough. When I'm stressed, bored or anxious - I cook. As it happens, they love to eat! They have become my "bears" and have saved me from going up the wall without a project!
Nick, Old Reynella
My nearly 91 year old neighbours daughter died unexpectedly, she was also his carer. His family works during the week and are unable to see him daily. My wife as well as being a wonderful mother of three has now dedicated some of her time to seeing him everyday to make sure he is okay and helping him so he can stay at home as he does not wish to move.
joanne, modbury heights
we have our future retirement house in Riverglen Marina White Sands South Australia. our street has an amazing community. one of the houseboats on the marina had a leaky roof and the owners having cancer treatment. on Monday several people from the houses on the street had a working bee to fix his leaking houseboat roof. Thank you to the Riverglen Marina Comminity. The person who owns the houseboat was over the moon.
Marina, Fullarton
My beautiful friend sent me a suprise delivery of flowers after I'd mentioned to her I hadn't been feeling well. It really brightened my day!
Janette, Belair
I am 84 and have many friends who feel lonely and or bored, fortunately I am not. Every day I receive so many funny little jokes via email from which I then selectively choose one or two and forward to those who have a computer to give them a little cheer up.. There are also elderly friends who love a chat but won't make phone call themselves so each day I ring one.
Caroline, Elizabeth Park
Old lady in gopher at Kmart, wanted to buy a gift with birthday money from her son, they wouldn't take her cash or scan the item for her, I went over and scanned her item (was only $20) placed it in her gopher's basket and paid for it on my card, wishing her a happy Birthday. I couldn't stand back and watch her crying. She left with a smile and so did I.
Tanya, Netley
We live near a community playground which was closed for covid. Our street used the space to set up a ‘helping hand table’ where people in the neighbourhood contributed to a table with one side of excess home grown fruit and veg and the other books. There was a ‘take what you need, give what you can’ motto attached. It was beautiful.
Jackie , 5042
We emigrated from Wales to Adelaide in 2004 to join our family as we retired, including 4 grandchildren here. South Australia has everything you could wish for: beautiful sandy beaches; country living; so much to explore for young and older persons! Including good shopping outlets, which is vitally important!!
Grandson in U.K. age 6 lost a tooth. He was very upset. Would the tooth fairy come during the lockdown? His brother age 9 explained. Yes; the tooth fairy is an essential worker.
Branka, Findon
Spent half my Saturday driving in search of toilet paper! Finally located store with stock and purchased 4 packs by visiting 4times - buy one pack and take to car then repeat as only one pack per customer/transaction. Delivered 1 to my elderly neighbour, 1 to a heavily pregnant relative, 1 to my exhausted colleague and 1 to my mother. None were expecting it but all were very appreciative. Their smiles were priceless!
Norm, Pt Lincoln
Our daughter who lives in the Townsville rang and asked if we going to be home between 1 and 5 o’clock, we asked why to which she said a surprise package was coming from Woolworth ,and sure enough , from Qld she had done our weeks shopping ,what a surprise, bread / meat /cheese / juice/ cereal, even some lollies treats ,makes you appreciate your family at times like this.
Lorraine, Marion
I assist with a youth group called the "International Rainbow Girls" One of our members, Leila last Friday had her very long hair cut to donate for the making a of a wig for a child with Alopecia. Leila was sponsored by family and friends raising over $1200
I put pomegranates, fresh pecans, fresh figs, apples, lemons, roses, in a box, in the car and about to drive to deliver to a friend. I thought she might like some parsley, and as I was cutting her some, she was calling at the back of the house, to see if she could collect some. I was so glad to have a pile of goodies to give her and it saved me droping it off.
Pauline , Pooraka
Mine is about the lack of toilet paper. I have been helped twice by different people to help me out. My Neighbour gave me 6 rolls as I had none. Another act of kindness was my work colleague knew I was down to my last roll. She was at the shops when a pallet was dropped off, so she grabbed me a packet. Both of these acts of kindness got me out of a situation.
Kylie, Mt Barker
My 15 years old daughter saves her pocket money and makes ‘care packages’ for the homeless. She has been doing this for 3 years. She also collected and donated over $5000 worth of goods to the Hutt St centre. Since she couldn’t have a birthday party this year, (covid restrictions) she asked for the money it would have cost to throw it and bought food vouchers for the homeless.
Izabella , Hallett cove
Milang train museum we visited this June weekend. What a wonderful place and exhibits on display. Two train simulators and a wonderful craft produce shop all operated by volunteers. Our 4 year old had the best time at Milang. Nothing was too much trouble for these people they just need a big thank you for such hard work with no financial rewards.
Christoher (Chris) , Ferryden park
Over the past 3 years i have been helping a single pensioner, by taking control of her bills, to save her money. I liase wuth all the companies she owes money too. And well. I also am a carer for my best friend and i also take care of my best friends elderly mother (she is 83). Its not easy. Anyway. I also have 3 cats and a rescue dog.
Julie, Happy Valley
My husband Cliff has been helping our elderly neighbors get to their medical appointments as they are both unable to drive, so he has been masking up, sanitizing, wearing gloves and chauffeur driving them, waiting and bringing them home so they don’t need to pay or get into taxis. This has made a difficult time for them less stressful and reassuring. They have been so grateful and I think he deserves a big shoutout
Chris, Sheidow Park
There is a lady named Rachelle Denneny who is an award winning quilter living here in Adelaide and in the last two weeks she has been running a Mystery Quiltalong via FB and so far she has raised over $9000.00 for a nominated charity called Back Pack for Kids. All this in under a two week time frame! I wonder if Mix 102.3 Jodi and Soda might be interested in doing a story about this wonderful achievement and help Rachelle promote this very worthy charity. I am happy to pass along the details if you are interested. Many thanks
Grant, Magill
I have been creating pavement art along the River Torrens @ Lochiel Park with my daughter and her best friend. We started in the school holidays and have drawn most weeks since, including for Anzac day, Mother's day and for our friend that was coping with illness. They have brought a lot of joy to young and old alike. The drawings are a mix of our own designs and the work of Charley Harper.
Pauline, Prospect
I had a product at home which I wouldn't use my daughter put it on face book to give away a lady who was in isolation with kids wanted it who couldn't go shopping was desperate so I delivered it to her along with a 5kg bag of potatoes I bought for her, a garlic bread and a 1kg bag of pears my daughter gave her
I am 80 years of age and disabled with cerebral palsy and recently retired after 40 years at Bedford Industries. I live alone and my two favourite pastimes are closed at this time so my brother kindly takes me out fishing once a week which, mind you, is enough for both of us! .
Mel, Williamstown
My ex Anne-Marie! Due to medical conditions my son and I have had to stay completely isolated right from the start. This meant our son couldn't stay with her every second weekend. Not only did she accept this, along with her wife they have got us supplies we couldn't get hold off along with treats and deliver them to us, a 3 hr round trip! On top of this will not accept any money it.
Melissa, Salisbury Heights
My son painted 3 drawings of himself and sent one to his grandparents, one to his Aunty and Uncle (who are a Paramedic and a Police Officer) and one to some children up the road from us and it had a poem to go with it, that whenever they need a hug they can wrap his arms around them for a hug ☺️
Brigitte, Auburn
Annika & Dan from Terroir Auburn are unable to open the doors to their restaurant at the moment so each Wednesday, they offer free takeaway meals to the community. Such a wonderful, selfless thing to do from a beautiful couple.
Samantha , Second Valley
Living in a regional area, many of my friends work as cleaners. Personal Protective Equipment has been in short supply so I started making reusable masks for them. Initially I was only making them for friends locally, but so far I have sent them as far as Esperance in WA and White Cliffs in NSW. I am currently making some for a friend in America’s mum who is a nurse. It feels good to help.
candy, Glandore
As quilters we may be physically distanced, but we are not socially isolated. Our QGSA President Chris organised a Mystery to keep us connected, this was followed up by a second mystery from Lessa. The current mystery by Rachelle is raising funds for Backpacks4SAKids. Such a generous gift of time these ladies & supporters have given & we are engaged with people both locally & across the world. We are lucky to share a passion.
Meredith, Lower Mitcham
While walking for our daily exercise, we spied what looked like a stall in front of a house on a side road. Not having money on us we did not go and check it out. A few moments later as we walked on down the road a young voice called out "excuse me", turning we faced a little girl holding out a home-made bunch of flowers - "would you like these"? It made our day!
Debbie, Gulfview Heights
My wonderful manager and friend has opened a go fund me page for some of our workmates who are not eligible for government funding. Amy Morris is one of the most kind and caring people I am lucky enough to know and will do whatever she can to help others. She has a heart of gold and beautiful nature.Please consider this beautiful lady for an act of kindness.💕
jacquiline, WANBI SA
Baking with my daughter she loves 💙 showing off her cupcakes .
Meegan , Davoren Park
While waiting at the doctor recently, a lady was helping a wheelchair user out of the car. Unfortunately she forgot to put the brakes on and the chair slid out from under him. I immediately jumped in to help her lift him back into the chair. They were both immensely grateful. I just saw a person in need and stepped up to the task.
Debbie, Woodside
My 11 year old granddaughter needed a new dressing gown. She loves playing football, cricket and basketball and really dislikes any clothes that are pink. She knew her mum and dad were trying to save their money so she chose the cheapest dressing gown she could to help her mum and dad save their money (but it was PINK!!). She whispered to me later that she would have preferred the spotty one. Bless her.
Andrew, Aldgate
My friend Grant knew of an older couple down the road who have been unwell and needed wood for their fire to keep them warm... So he cut up, split and stacked a couple of trees on their block to get them prepared for the winter!
Wendy, Finniss
As a check out chick I had to advise an elderly customer she was unable to buy any more than 2 packets of cereal due to store limits. This was when I witnessed my first act of kindness, when another customer waiting in the queue offered to pay for her extra packet this almost brought me to tears.
Debbie, South Plympton
My husband, mum and I were in isolation due to being vulnerable for a couple of months. My best friend's daughter, Abbey King went shopping for us twice a week, paid bills, went to the post office and anything we needed. All while working in an essential service, studying and volunteering for Puddle Jumpers!
Ali, Parafield Gardens
Looking out for our neighbours ,my husband trimmed their trees while they were out ( social distancing) as were going to get charged stupid prices as the council can't do them , we refused payment as it's hard for everybody at the moment and I sincerely hope that when this ends we continue random acts of kindness stay safe everyone x
Araluen , Hahndorf
During a particularly busy week of WFH, my bestie dropped off a coffee, home made cake and Easter cookies to my house to keep me going. This made my day, thanks Ash! #sharekind
Jannie, Salisbury East
As I live alone, the 4 day Easter weekend was a very long and lonely one. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a car pull up outside my house on Sunday and Easter Bunny hopped out. It was my dear friend, dressed in a Bunny suit delivering my Easter treat from a safe distance. It certainly put a smile on my face made my weekend.
Denise, Hallett Cove
An elderly lady I didn't know approached me leaving a shop and told me she couldn't find her car or remember where she'd parked it. Because she was somewhat stressed, and embarrassed, I walked with her through many streets looking for her car. We eventually found it which made us both very happy. She was extremely grateful and wanted to pay me for the trouble, but just helping her was all the gratitude I needed.
Natalie, Adelaide
I am in SA assisting my 81 and 83 year old parents. Each year my friend in Vic makes me hot cross buns. As I would miss them this year she posted a fresh made batch to me, along with passionfruit butter. My parents and I enjoyed and it made me feel like home.
John, Fullarton
I grew vegetables this year and distributed shared them with my neighbours
Judy, Tanunda
I love baking and giving food makes me happy. Recently my husband and I made 10 pizzas for aged residents in independent living opposite us. For a special touch they all got a little chocolate cheesecake mousse tart as a surprise. In these difficult times it’s lovely to bring a smile to someone’s face. We both love gardening and sharing what we grow is also a regular event with the residents.
Margaret, Brighton
My husband went out to check the letterbox the other day and discovered someone had kindly left a bag of freshly picked apples just inside our front gate. I have stewed the apples and they were delicious. Thank you to that Kind person who ever you are. The act of kindness and the apples were much appreciated. Margaret
Johanna, Colonel Light Gardens
With the playgroup I run closed due to COVID-19, keeping the housebound preschoolers entertained and happy becomes a minute by minute challenge. Decided to make up age relevant craft and activity packs filled with colouring in pages and coloured pencils or crayons, Puzzle sheets, colourful cutouts to make pictures, glue and packs of biscuit treats. Personal delivery on the doorstep to maintain social distancing guidelines leaving parents and youngsters with a smile on their face.
Amy, Kurralta Park
When driving my daughter to her dad's and stepmum's house, I offered to bring a full roll of toilet paper for them if they needed it. :-)
Debbie, West Lakes Shore
Someone had neatly written quiz questions in chalk on alternate blocks of the concrete footpath on the eastern side of the West Lakes boating lake. My husband and I enjoyed doing the quiz as we went for our morning isolation exercise walk around the lake. Smiley faces were also drawn at various places on the footpath, as well as flowers with coloured chalk.
Michelle, Wynn Vale
Pathway Community Centre, located at Modbury North, is part of a food rescue program with Second Bite. Its particularly busy at this time and needs people to deliver food hampers to those who are isolating. My children (10, 12 and 14 years old) have volunteered to help deliver these hampers. They want to show love to others. I'm extremely proud of them and their desire to bless others with kindness and hope. Such special children!!!!!!
Graham, Albert Park
Our little grand daughter of 18 months has a love of the playground, but due to self isolating and social distancing we haven't been able to take her. She also loves our doggie who had to substitute for her and gave us all a good laugh in the swing. He didn't seem to mind sharing the fun.
My mum was at the vet with our dog and overheard a lady talking to her friend about her cat and that it was very ill and didnt know how she would afford the treatment Without the lady knowing my mum went to the reception desk and paid $500 towards her vet bill to cover it. My mum doesnt know the lady and she was shocked and grateful at what mum did.
Tracey, Wynn Vale
I live alone and I've been working from home for several weeks now so have been checking on my elderly neighbours and dropping off cooked meals for them. It makes me feel good to put a smile on their face and they know someone is around during isolation. Least we can do for each other. Normally I don't see my neighbours so this has actually brought us together over challenging times.
Shirley, Greenock
My story isn’t huge like everyone else’s. Easter Sunday I got up at 6am and went and scattered Easter eggs on our neighbours front veranda. They are elderly and miss people dropping in just to say hi. They were over the moon.
Rachael , Findon
Actually it was my sister-not me. Over Easter she made beautiful Easter boxes up for her 4 siblings since we couldn’t all be together and personally dropped them all of on our doorsteps.....
Katrina, Somerton Park
My daughters aged 10 and 12 were inspired to spread some happiness to their neighbourhood over this uncertain time. So they made beautiful surprise packages with handmade crafts, notes and choc eggs and personally delivered them to 266 doorsteps dressed as bunnies. We could never have anticipated the response - there were so many delighted thank yous that I am not sure who had more JOY - the givers or the receivers!!! Heartwarming stuff :)
Hannah, Sheidow Pk
My Gran isn’t online - in any way, shape or form! So we’ve been writing letters back and forth. Just this week I realised one of her favourite things to do are Word Searches - so knowing she can’t pop to the newsagent, I created one to send to her instead. Could become a regular thing!
Anita, Murray Bridge
Easter Sunday, first time in 30 years with no children, no egg hunt or anyone sleeping over. A very sad Easter for me. While walking with hubby I was surprised to find pictures of eggs tied to trees, fence posts & signs with a suprise bag of goodies at the end for the kiddies. Really made my day and lifted my spirits. A suprise Easter Hunt I was thrilled to be part of.
Kylie, Noarlunga Downs
I donated all my daughters baby goods to a a couple who were in need. I did not know them but hearing how grateful they were made me so much happier than selling them ever would have. Let’s get back to the good old days were people handed down their belongings instead of trying to make a quick buck selling them.
Jayde, Largs Bay
My mum is currently battling Hodgkins Lymphoma and receiving chemo treatment alone because of COVID-19. She organised for the Kindness Kombi to drive to her best friend of 30 years, house to cheer her up during Isolation after she’d had surgery in Melbourne.
leanne, grange.
hi i was in the city one Friday night just before coved19 i saw a man on the ground huddled in a blanket looking lonely so i went and got him a cup of coffee and a s/w. and gave them to him he was so grateful. my partner and i always try to help those in need, it was a small gesture but those gestures are the ones that can make a difference.
Peter, Reynella East
My wife Bev delivers to Meals On Wheels and has for 20 years,the wednesday before Easter she gave all of her clients an Easter pack of choccy eggs etc. An act of kindness which she has done for many years also at Christmas Bev gives all her clients a Christmas pack,which they all love to receive too...
Sharene, Happy Valley
My Mum has always gone to do the shopping of an elderly family friend for years, She is 80 years young herself and when this covid19 hit, and I said she should probably stay home. She did not want to let her friend down and still goes to do the shopping for this family friend, making sure she has everything she needs, picks up her medication and checks the Doctor is coming or been, amazing.
Jenn, Aldinga beach
I had to stop at the shops, in my hospital uniform, on the way home from work. Whilst standing In the line waiting to pay a gentleman in front of me asked if I’d had a tough day. I replied that it was really busy and a scary time, but no my day was ok. He smiled Warmly and proceeded to thank me for my hard work by paying for shopping. It made me cry.
Zig, Sheidow Park
I was delivering my Mother-in-law's weekly food supplies and noticed someone had dumped a box of toys on the footpath in front of her unit. In the box, I spotted a large, very cute teddy bear. It looked in pretty good shape, so I propped it up on top of the toys with 1 arm in the air so it looked like he was waving a hello. Maybe some lucky kiddie will find it.
Maria, Mitchell Park
After being given 2 packs of Hot-Cross Buns, I left one pack at my neighbours door for their grand daughter Eliza. Not having heard from them (because they did not know who left the pack), next time I saw them I told them that it was I. After couple of days, I had a chocolate bunny left at my door, and after finding out that it was my neighbours.
Frank, Woodville south
I bough a homeless man KFC for dinner.
Karyn, Aberfoyle Park
I invited a mother and her 3 children, whom we had not met, who escaped from domestic violence to Christmas lunch. They were never allowed to celebrate and we wanted our table to be full and have this special day shared. They said they had an amazing memorable day. .they are now our friends doing it tough and id like to help them more if possible . They are beautiful people .
Stacey, Wudinna
I’m currently pregnant and have been put into isolation by my doctor. Every week since then I’ve had amazing friends deliver me a coffee and treats. I’m so lucky to live in such an amazing community with an amazing support system around. Makes me feel better about having a baby during this time.
Suzanne, Ridgehaven
A friend who knows I like to cook Asian style food dropped off a bag of Kaffir Lime leaves at my door today. It's good to be reminded of the satisfaction that comes from cooking a tasty meal when feeling somewhat frustrated due to circumstances that one has no control over.
At Easter time my mother in law had passed away!and along with the CVvirus we found it a bit depressing|! staying indoors and my mother in law passing away! not a good time! so we decided to do a community thing bought some chocolate rabbits and gave them to the neighbour hood children!we even got a thankyou note! made us feel good about it tho! parents were taken aback!
Mary, Parafield Gardens
Having been in self isolation for 2 weeks and continuing with lockdown due to health issues and age, I was so delighted to receive a Woolworths Box from my local council to compensate for the fact I am not able to attend social gatherings at my local Community Hub. So very kind and helpful.
Chloe, Christies Beach
Being heavily pregnant doing my weekly food shop a lovely man saw that I had struggled a bit with getting things in to the car so he ran over and grabbed my trolley for me before I had a chance to head back. Small things, but greatly appreciated when trying to minimise time out and exertion in this world!
Elisabeth, North Adelaide
My second child was born a month ago. We arrived home from the hospital to lovely chalk messages on our paths, done by our neighbours, who have since also hid Easter eggs in our back yard for our two-year-old, and jumped the front fence to blow the leaves out of our yard.
Jennifer, Northfield
I'm isolating due to being high risk. A friend dropped a bag of Toilet Paper, cleaning stuff and a (still warm) homemade banana bread off on my doorstep. Made me smile all Easter weekend.
My young friend Kristy who is a nurse at Whyalla hospital finished her shift and went home , cooked a meal and delivered to my front porch. As I am 73 , she didn,t want me going out and putting myself in danger of the virus. I think she is an angel.
Deborah , Vale Park 5081
My elderly neighbors have no access to library’s and have watched all there DVDs at home. So I take my DVDs that may be suitable for them to watch and they love the old classic ones. Also I am a Community Support Worker and when I go to clients I take 2 toilets rolls wrapped up for them to help out due to the shortage.
Bev., Lobethal
I live quite a distance from my daughter and being an older citizen I am in Lock Down. Speaking on the phone to my 3 year old grandson he wanted to know why I hadn't been to visit him for a while. I sadly told him I was in lock down and not able to visit. He said "O grandma, you've got your keys in your pocket." Oh! if only life was that simple.
Kylie , Modbury north
On my morning walk near Wynn Vale dam a lady was waking with her two grandchildren riding bikes. One girl got off the bike which then hit a man riding his bike and then the little bike ended up sliding down the hill into bushes. I watched it all unfold as I was approaching. I yelled out I’ll get it to help the lady. She did have her hands full.
Brooke, Broadview
I’ve been having a stressful time lately. Giving birth to a premature baby who hasn’t been able to meet anyone due to convid. She has been in the icu for 7 long weeks and travelling back and forth from the hospital has been exhausting. My mum has been so selfless she puts us first everyday. Making cookies for the nurses to buying me breast feeding pillow to making us dinner! My Angel 😇
Sue, Klemzig
My niece was 21 on Wednesday 15th April and we were unable to celebrate with her due to distancing rules so I made her a sweetheart cake complete with 21 candle's and sms'd her a picture complete with a present (wrapped of course) and birthday card and poppers and blowers to celebrate with a message that we will celebrate soon with another freshly baked cake of course. She loved it regards Sue W xo
Nita, Hope Valley
My 2 children aged 6.5 and 8 years were stuck in Nepal for month as their return flight got cancelled due to worsening of the COVID situation. There was a chartered flight from Nepal to Adelaide however it would not take unaccompained Minor. Pujan Gautam, a friend of mine who was on the same flight accepted to become the temporary guardian straightway when I requested her and my 2 kids are now in Australia.
Dayna, Morphett Vale
I have just had a beautiful baby BOY!! As no family or friends could visit while in hospital - my family did a drop and go past our house to see our new baby. They delivered lovely homemade food, gifts for the baby and well wishes for us all. It made our week and we were so happy our family could see our new baby.
Shane, Andrews farm
I’m a budding writer that has been losing money by giving away more copies of my son and I’s book then I sell. It’s about plants and trying to get children more outdoors in nature. I even gave a copy to the delivery person the other day. I love the fact that children around the world are now reading my work. I’d like to donate some more around SA to children. ✌️🌱
Chris, Clearview
I would like to thank the RAA for their act of Kindness when we received a great box of supplies during these hard times due to the corona virus. Thank You from Joy and Chris
Brenda, Geenwith
While this terrible coronavirus has been going our kind neighbours across the road have decided myself and husband were in the age group to be very careful. They kindly did our weekly shopping for three weeks for which we were very grateful.
Michelle, Stirling
As a performer and voice teacher I lost all income within one week in March. Part of this meant that the two choirs that I conduct also had to go into recess. Unbeknownst to me, a request was sent out by the members to continue to make their weekly subs payment to forward onto the accompanist and myself as a way of continuing to support us. Singing is really good for the soul!
Mardi, North plympton
My mother recently travelled on the ruby princess getting off in sydney on march 18th and 4 days later tested positive to corona virus.she was very emotionally upset...worried and lonely so i sent her this that made her day to let her know even though shes in QLD and I'm in Adelaide, I'm still thinking of her.
Melany, Mount Gambier
Although we only live five minutes away from our grandchildren, we did not see them for three weeks since our daughter was concerned with our health and the threat of Covid 19. On Easter morning we found this lovely gift on our doorstep. Now South Australia has recorded zero new COVID-19 cases for 12 consecutive days and we are able to see our grandchildren again.
Emma, Oakden
We woke up to find toilet paper, fresh brownies, home made bubble mix, and bubble wand craft packs for the kids left on our doorstep by a very lovely family! We have been having a wonderful morning eating brownies and blowing bubbles!
Graham, GREENWITH 5125
My wife had a stroke in Feb. this year & is in a wonderful Aged Care facility & is unlike to come home. My next door neighbors have been great in looking after me with food & collecting the mail & taking the bins out. They deserve a medal.
Helen, Golden Grove. 5125
My friend was turning 70, a special birthday, so I organized a get together in the park with 6 people. We had all the trimmings, picnic food, a huge cake, some bubbly and some good laughs. It will be a special day for all of us to remember.
Joanne , Victor Harbor
Today my 10 year old son, made lunch for his 7 year old sister, and himself, to help his tired mummy out. I just heard him say, "I'm going to put it on the best plate for you". The lunch was ham and cheese bread rolls. The bread rolls were dropped off to us moments earlier, I don't know who by, as my daughter answered the door.
Colleen , Murray Bridge
My husband and I walking in the Kinchina Conservation park on the Cypress Trail and I dropped my drivers licence and RAA card. Some wonderful person returned them to my letter box.
linda, Seaton
In lock down make material bunnies you put small chocolate eggs in. Then the a ribbon around ears. Also terracotta clay a ring holder, soap dish, tea light candle holder and porcupine pencil and pen holder. Plan to give them as presents. When finished or able.
Una, Plympton
My husband and I have just celebrated our 80th birthdays four days apart during isolation. Our beautiful daughter organised an 'on line' party for us across the world and back again which was just wonderful and so memorable. Thank you to our dear daughter Wendy who never fails to amaze us xxxxx
Dianne, Somerton Park.
Our lovely friends Julie and Warwick. Baked us zucchini slice, and yummy biscuits recently as they new my husband I would be tired after packing to move house. They are always doing special things for us.
Rhianon , Mount barker
My husband daily stepping up to support our family while I have been working 13 hours in the COVID clinic at the woman’s and children’s hospital. He drives me to work on his days off, brings me coffee to keep me caffeinated and video calls me while I’m missing my baby.
peter, jamestown
my friend in whyalla couldnt get sugar or toilet paper so i drove 270ks to deliver 6 kilo sugar and 8 toilet roles from my 16 i had she really appreciated it and bought some shopping for her as well because she was low in the freezer
Sarah, Adelaide
Saw this generous and thoughtful story of a pensioner who left a note and cash at the door of Cafe Timbuktu in Brighton (note tells the story). Good people are all around was too good not to share.
ANGELA, Hillbank 5112
My very caring work colleague and friend had just worked a very busy nightshift but instead of going to bed after the shift she delivered rolls of toilet paper to all her elderly neighbours. Lea is a very special Nurse who always goes the extra mile, this time with a nice packet of toilet rolls under her arm!
Lysha, Flagstaff Hill
One of our lovely neighbours has this hand sewn banner out the front of their house.
Sharron, Hallett cove
I had to put my dear old dog to sleep just over two weeks ago. My former work colleague Kate sent to my work a beautiful plant and some much needed chocolate. Brought a tear to my eye.
Emma, Morphettville
Mum is always making sure we are okay while in isolation, dropping baked goods and supplies to our front door. Last week there was a knock at our front door, and we find a box of dinners delivered from Skala Bakery, organised by Mum to make life that bit easier with 3 kids. Mum your a one in a million and we love you!
Debra, Glossop SA
Even though my Daughter has 2 sons 14 & 11yrs plus an 8 month Foster Baby she arrived at her Grandparents who are in their 80's with 2 bags of groceries so they didn't have to go out in public during Covid19. Oh & she did the same for us. Always has an open door for Foster Children. She is the most thoughtful, giving person & is always ringing around checking on everyone.
Margaret, Prospect
Yesterday I found a surprise parcel of SA goodies on my doorstep from RAA for a kindness story about my neighbours. I kept the sharing going when I passed on the parcel to those neighbours. Thank you RAA for your kindness.
Kerrie, Mount Gambier SA
I'm the head cook at a retirement estate. Being in lock down has been very difficult for some of our residents, so to help brighten their day and mine Friday has become tell a joke day and after tea I head to the dining room and reel off dad jokes!! they have taken up the challenge and now try to out joke me!! What side of a chicken has the most feathers? The outside!!
Vikki, Holden Hill
Recently Kay Mentha, who had been baking due to boredom, brought over some sausage rolls, lasagne & potato bake. I believe that is above & beyond friendship & I am extremely grateful for her act of kindness! Then yesterday, Karinna Reynolds brought a roast meal - meat, potato, beans, peas, sweet corn & gravy. I am so lucky to have such thoughtful friends!
Yvette, Upper Sturt, Adelaide Hills
What can you do for a special elder friend, former neighbour, at Easter and not putting them in any covid danger? Kids decided to do an egg hunt and roller skating in her garden while she stayed safe on the deck. We call her our Aussie Grandma as we moved to Adelaide 3 years ago and have no family here. When we arrived camping chairs were outside, self made cookies and tea! It was special!
Shrihari, Marleston
Myself & my partner bought groceries worth nearly $500 and distributed among the international students who had lost jobs due to COVID-19 and initially did not receive any help from the Australian Government. It made us feel good as we could help those students as were also students when we initially came to Australia and could understand the burden of paying for various day to day living expenses.
Karen, Mile End
A friend of mine with 8 children has recently found herself single and Nadine Wood from 'We Care in the West' has been incredibly helpful finding groceries and household items for my friend. Nadine works tirelessly for people in need and has helped so many. If it wasn't for Nadine and her network of generous people, my friend wouldn't have been able to cope. Thankyou Nadine!
Wendy, Wayville
I am working from home and this has freed a bit of time for me , so I am dropping off meals to an elderly couple ( both unwell) to help, and Thursday before Easter have dropped some fruit from my tree and a little bag of jelly beans to each of my neighbours, with my contact number to let them know to call if they need anything. Was nice to do .
Lori, Broadview
I went to my 30 wk pregnant friend’s house yesterday and dug a hole to put her new plant in the garden. She finds bending with a big tummy very awkward right now, so appreciated me taking some time out to help her with a little job.
June, Old Reynella
Over the past 7 weeks I have been sending out our church Weekly Newsletter by email to 70 parishioners and delivering by car 15 to homes of others who do not use computers. Their appreciation has been reward enough.
Ashlee, Evanston
My mum and dad have just brought our family a house to live. Yes we pay rent but we don’t ever have to move again.
Una, Plympton
My husband and I recently celebrated our 80th Birthdays four days apart whilst in isolation. Our beautiful daughter organised a Skype party for us to across the world and back, so that friends and family could share our special day. Thank you so much Wendy for such a wonderful memory. xx
Jan, Mawson Lakes
I've started buying bars of chocolate on every shopping trip and then I hand them out to staff in and around the supermarket. So far I've surprised a couple of security guards, trolley collector, deli department attendant and a number of check out operators! Brings a smile to my face every time knowing that my little act of kindness can put a smile on someone else's face too xx
Debra, Strathalbyn
My elderly parents have wonderful younger neighbours across the road, who left a plum pudding on their verandah this week. Cannot tell you how uplifting it was for them during this time of isolation to have Christmas in April!
Bill, Royston Park
Delighted to see the thoughtful act of children with kind words gifting plants to passersby to brighten their lives while we are socially distancing.
Stacey, Wudinna
Our wonderful friends and family organised a drive by Baby Shower as we were no longer allowed to have ours. Cars went past with signs, presents were dropped off. It made us feel so loved and so special during this time.
Keith, Hope Valley
We are an older couple, lucky enough to have young families as neighbours. On Easter Sunday from our driveways we enjoyed a Happy Hour. How great it was to see the children playing “snakes and ladders on the roadway very inventive and fun. We have 3 great grandaughters the youngest born on the 3rd April it is so hard not having GG cuddles but technology is great and video chats are fun...will be normal again soon.
lynton, Aldinga Beach
Last night I didn't yell at the very noisy bunch of kids on a trampoline in the backyard who made it almost impossible to hold a conversation outdoors. See ! Acts Of Kindness do not have to be headline setting. Simple is just as nice !
My parner & I have been cooking pasties, sausage rolls ect and handing them out to the elderly in our area and checking they are doing ok
kerry, Mount Gambier
We ordered 2 lots of Woolies basic boxes and invited our next door pensioner mate over to share them out to him at no cost to him. some for him an some for us being two sets lots of choices, he didn't like the pumpkin soup & we hate tins of tuna so it all worked out. good mate/mower mate/computer geek/. Never says no to any thing we need
Maureen, Mt Barker SA
My neighbour, John Mullins has a tiny table top on his side of the fence, he gave me a bag of Granny Smith apples and I replaced on his table a bundle of Rhubarb, sometimes I might leave a dozen eggs, or other vegetables from my garden or in summer he leaves tomatoes or zucchini from his garden. We are both 'aged' pensioners and this trading develops into a conversation over the fence.
Peggy, Hayborough
I collect jokes, funny video clips, etc. and email several everyday to 34 people who are all in either lockdown or voluntary isolation in different parts of the world (e.g. NZ, Los Angeles, Alabama, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsular, etc). This is to give them a daily laugh to keep their spirits up and let them know that someone cares about their mental well-being too.
Anna, Coromandel Valley
We have passed on, and in fact doubled, the interest rate deductions on the mortgages of our rental properties. We’re not sure if our tenants require financial assistance but even if they don’t, hopefully they use this money to spend in their local community and keep another business going.
Barry, Streaky Bay
More kindness about me fishing with my brother! On a particular rough return recently, after we docked at the boat ramp, and in the process of him assisting me to my feet we became embraced! He continued into a little dance routine which made me laugh, I hoped nobody was watching!
Debbie, adelaide
my wife saw a facebook post from a young mother with two young kids and a new born saying they were on the hunt for toilet paper as she could not get any ,my wife went to three shops but could not get any . her act of kindness was at the next store the lady asked my wife to wait as she went and got six rolls to give to the young mother
My beautiful daughter and her sweet Husband have recently found out aome wonderful news. After many years and a round of I.V.F. they are expecting their first baby. We are all so happy and excited for them. Although my daughter said she was concerned about having a Baby in these times, the complete JOY makes this time so very special.
Wendy, Caurnamont
An elderly gentleman turned up at our rural home at dusk. He had been become completely lost and was a long way from his home. He took up the offer of staying overnight. He left very early the next morning, but not before leaving $200 under the pillow. Phillip, if you are reading this, thank you very much for your kindness – your money has been donated to Amnesty International for the benefit of refugees.
Raymond "Trent", Lyndoch SA
Spouse and I self-isolating because we are getting on in years! A fellow Model Club Member rings every week to see if I need garden or hardware. And delivers. My wife's friend brings the paper. We swap tomatoes for eggs. Daughter grocery shops. We Skype the son, his wife & grandkids. We are all clear of the virus ... what more could we want?
Kellie, Parafield Gardens
My cousin, Tabatha Keal, is the kindest, selfless person I know. She will always help anyone. I have included a status she posted about an elderly man she gave a lift home after the bus failed to stop for him. This is not a once off thing, these are things she does regularly and not for praise, most go without anyone knowing. This story just pulled on her heart strings.
Garry, Glenunga
Michelle, Adrian and boys have joined a growing number of Glenunga residents bringing joy to young and old by sharing their 'bed buddies' with those who traverse the local streets. Like all acts of kindness - it is infectious. Behind each 'bed buddy' is a family saying they want to be part of bringing silver linings to lighten the impact of Covid 19 - displaying a desire to be neighbourly and to build this community.
Jenny, CBD
I found $15 on the footpath and asked those near me if it was theirs. Decided to take it to our Security hub near the scene, in case someone came back to see if it was found (which I thought was unlikely, but you never know)? Anyway, they did... and were very thankful for the honesty so it felt good to be part of that :)
Janet, Blackwood
I was in Aldi Blackwood and a young gentleman asked a shopper where the toilet rolls were. She pointed to the isle and the man headed that way. Later in the car park I noticed that the lady asked if the young man was successful in his purchase and he said no. The lady then opened her packet of toilet rolls and gave the man half. Such a generous gesture.
Jo, Christies Beach
A rental real estate owner, Judy, has been handing out care packages to several of her renters, that have hit on hard times now because of losing jobs. Not just one or two, and not just once. I'm in awe of her. So caring. If she wins the $1,000, I know where she will use it. I have not given her surname as I did not ask her permission to nominate her.
Fionna , Vale Park SA
Easter morning my neighbour & I took Easter goodie trays with a note from EB saying everything had been disinfected & packed with gloves. Wishing them well. They are still trying to work out who did it. Delightful! ANZAC day I handed out cookies to them too. They are great neighbours & I appreciate them all.
Joan, Elizabeth Vale
I receive kindness every day. I live in a village that is in lockdown at present, although we can go out for medical appointments or some essential shopping. Our lunches and teas are delivered each day to our front door, together with a few friendly words from the catering staff. Each afternoon a few of us residents gather in the garden for a chat and a laugh.
Chiara, Renmark, SA
We moved to the Riverland this year and due to the recent isolation guidelines it was hard to feel a part of our new neighbourhood. As a result, I decided to drop off some hand made Easter cards and some special teabags into our neighbours letter boxes. We've received some lovely cards and thanks in return and we are feeling much more familiar with our community!
Phil, Morphett Vale
Due to restrictions on Anzac Day the gentleman up the street organised for those who were willing to a dawn service at the end of our driveways. A young man at the other end of the street offered to play the last post on his trumpet for us all. We all really appreciated the gesture.
Lu, Dulwich
A team at my workplace have been working hard to arrange essential packages for those in need across SA through a charity partnership over the past few months. One colleague in particular has been going out of her way to hand deliver packages after work to ensure the recipients have their packs as soon as possible. Thank you Sam, you've been incredible!
Shaylan, Nairne
Bought a struggling mum 5 rolls of toilet paper I had spare as she had no car and was down to her last roll!
Amy, Campbelltown
A friend of mine started paying for the people behind her at fast-food drive-throughs.
Kent, Seaford Rise 5169
My niece recently celebrated her birthday, and instead of giving gifts, she requested family and friends to donate money to her so she could buy a clothes dryer for the Freedom Hill Animal Sanctuary. The Animal Sanctuary is in Harrowgate and looks after rescued and sick animals. She raised over $500 dollars and and she duly gifted them a new dryer which was VERY gratefully received.She has a beautiful heart and wonderful soul.
Julie, Prospect
My daughter, a teacher,heard about residents in nursing homes not being able to have visitors early on during COVID-19. She contacted a nursing home near her school to see if they’d like to receive pictures and letters from her class. They were gratefully received and residents wrote back and made flowers for the children. She was told the residents were so lonely before and loved the correspondence! They’re hoping to be able to visit soon.
Philippa, RENMARK
We are six 'seniors'living in independant living units in Renmark , we all received a letter in a plastic sleeve , offering to do any shopping for us, also we could pay him for the shopping any time if we wanted . The man lives directly across the road from us. We thought it a lovely kind gesture in these times.
Kenneth, Adelaide
When I was 19yrs old I saw a homeless guy sleeping in a fridge box and it really affected me.Then after that I would buy all the blankets I could afford at the time and I would go around Adelaide laying the blankets on the boxes or sleeping spots i could find. IT MADE ME THE PERSON I AM NOW 62YRS ON.
Hayley, St Agnes
I created and dontated 2 nappy cakes and gift bags to be given to 4 new or expectant mothers living at Hannah Place, accommodation for young women who are pregnant or parenting and require help.
Doreen , Davoren Park
For my Birthday on the 1st April my Daughter & granddaughter rang me to come outside they stood on the lawn and i stayed on the porch, when they sang happy birthday to me, & baked me some cup cakes, then told me a surprise was coming, a beautiful bunch of flowers, it made me cry,
Robyn, Woodville
Despite losing her job and bringing 2 children home from interstate study, my amazing friend has organised friends in the West, providing essential goods to those in the community, including providing Easter eggs for a disabled home and nursing home last weekend. Several people have donated goods and she does food drops. She has the warmest heart and is just incredible.
Kathy, Whyalla
After the sudden lockdown of life as we knew it, a wonderful friend anonymously sent Happy hump day packs to each family in our group - even though hers was hardest hit. This resulted in the rest of the group randomly dropping off anonymous surprise packs during lockdown. Sharing her kindness and the joy of guessing who was responsible each time.
Milly, Tea Tree Gully
I lived across the road from an elderly neighbour for 6 years and we’ve never met. I went and introduced myself and gave her my number as her daughter lives far away and she’s on her own. Later that day I brought her a box of fresh veggies, gnocchi, ragu and milk. She cried and then showed me her old photos.
Tamina, Surrey Downs
At the start of Covid we took a drive to the beach. On the way we drove past a man sitting in the gutter. We couldn't leave him so we went back and asked if he was ok, he said he needed a lift. So we drove him to his home. He was so grateful, we have tried to keep in touch and we love to share the kindness, that's our motto.
Sue, Golden Grove
Our daughter Deb is an Emergency Nurse and has 3 children but she still insisted on doing our weekly shopping and delivering it to us as both me and husband are high risk. We are so very grateful to her and her husband for their help.
Ian, Encounter Bay
Lady replies to ad for my second hand ad for a gas Weber. She was travelling from Strathalbyn to Encounter Bay to pick it up. Once here, she said she was recently separated and living in a caravan ,she said it was to cook a turkey for her and her young daughter. I gave her the Weber for free!
Rachel, Valley View
I volunteered to sell Mother’s Day flowers and was standing at my stall in the freezing rain when my friend Bernadette from @Reillys Kitchen pulled up with a box of home-made treats and a cup of coffee. 30 minute drive because she is awesome! Delivers to those that can’t afford to eat, helped raise thousands of dollars for the bushfire victims and looks after us all as family. She deserves this reward from us please.
Meeghan, Andrews Farm
My friend Christy & Linton Smith from Broken Hill, were meant to go away for Easter. Unable to get away they instead turned to cooking hundreds of free meals which they delivered to the elderly and people in need. They never sought thanks, it's just the kind of big hearted people they are. I was hoping to get them recognised for their efforts.
A big thank you to the players and staff of the Port Adelaide Football Club who have given up their time to help Foodbank by delivering hampers to South Australians needing food relief services. Foodbank have seen a 30% increase in need from individuals and families doing it tough at the moment and it's great to see players like Hamish Hartlett, Tom Jonas, Connor Rozee and the great Russell Ebert volunteering to help out.
Wendy, Gawler East
A Big Shout out to Fat Boy Trims in Gawler. Lee the owner is a true Giant among small business owners. He took fantastic care when cutting my brother hair and went out of his way to go visit him in hospital for a haircut. He continues the fantastic work and encourages his staff to dress up for the patrons- we just wonder who's wardrobe he is raiding
Robin, Clarence Gardens
My afternoon walk has become much more interesting seeing all the bears in windows, but this house in Cumberland Park took it to a new level - love it!
Ronald, hamley Bridge
I made Salted Caramel Peanut butter Biscuits filled a plate with them and gave them to my next door neighbour , we live in a group of 6 Senior Homes all single Age pensioners and we all look after each other. My bikkies are the best tasting full of peanut butter and chopped salted peanuts I am retired MasterChef and do lots of cooking even though I have just had my 82nd Birthday
Maureen, Lock
Lock is an isolated town with (now) no shop, but we have the best Medical Centre staff. In their own time and own cost they gave out twenty Easter goodie bags to the elderly, lonely and isolated. The real gem was Anzac bags with fruitcake and biscuits they had cooked, poppies they had knitted, teabags, flag and rosemary. I cried. I COULD do Anzac Day 2020. God bless the Medical Centre Angels!
Carlie, Parahills west
I was shopping with my mil but we were using gift vouchers she had received. Anyway she was $5 short and we were just going to pull out the money and some man tries to pay. We explain we have the money its just the difference we had to pay between vouchers but I found this very sweet of him to offer thinking we didn't have enough :)
Diane, Seaview Downs
My friend who has dimentia went walking on her own and was missing for ten hours. I got the call for help so raced over to help search. Luckily I had just cooked up a heap of food to put in the freezer so took four meals over for the family. When the police brought her home we all tucked into a nice hot meal. She hadn't had food or drink for ten hours.
Elizabeth, nairne
My 10 year old daughter on easter Sunday shared her easter eggs with our older neighbours. she put them on their door step. the neighbour texted us later saying thank you..
My 80 plus year old neighbour bakes for my children has suplied games, clothes and offers of furniture even over this pandemic period and always. She is alone, im a single Mum with no support from family, her kindness and compassion is shared often with others also. What an amazing role model for my children to look up too. So blessed.
Janet, Murray Bridge
My neighbours, Sam and Kandy,came from China to live and work in Murray Bridge.From them we have recently experienced some kindness and caring. Before Easter they arrived on our doorstep for no particular reason,with freshly made steaming hot pork buns.Two days later in our letterbox we found a pack of face masks with a note written by them. It suggested we wear these when we go out. We certainly appreciated their kindness.
julia , kidman park
A friend of mine was looking for a cricket set for her 4 year old son and currently unable to find it everywhere. I looked at home, and found one not even used and cant forget the look on the 4 year boy when I gave it to him, he was so excited to play with his dad yesterday at the park - Just made my week!!
Kylie, Happy Valley
The Head Coach of our two daughters Calisthenics club (Innovation) spent most of her Easter Weekend driving around various Adelaide suburbs acting as the Easter Bunny and dropping off eggs for every single member of her club. She covered from Elizabeth through to Oakbank & everywhere in between. It made our girls smile and showed just how much she cares about each off her club members! She rocks!
Rachel, Naracoorte
My father in law lives just down the hill and is legally blind & in his 70s. Riding his scooter with his little dog on board, he drops freshly grown veggies from his garden at our front door. The scooter is silent so we never hear him coming from our home office - but always lovely to find the healthy stash he has left for us. We repay with fresh caught fish my hubby catches.
Matthew, Kersbrook
My wife runs a dance school (h2jdance) and is giving free zoom daytime dance/exercise classes for those people stuck at home
Jenna, Tranmere
Taking a walk with my dog, Jazz can transform my mood. I can't help but smile!
Patricia , Cumberland Park
My husband and I are self-isolating due to him having cancer treatment and is immune suppressed. Easter morning I opened our font door to let in sunshine. To our emotional surprise we saw big pink bunny feet leading to a basket that held chocolates and lemons. The feet had beautiful words of ‘We love you nanny & poppy. We miss you so much’. We hadn’t even heard them! It was so lovely. Families are wonderful.
Rosemary, BLAKEVIEW, SA, 5114
We are over 70. Our neighbour has twice given us tissues, toilet paper, cleaning items and TimTams! Their daughter has done a lovely chalk drawing on the footpath. I have 'paid on' by giving a newcomer to the street my cooking ingredients, as the shops were bare. This allowed her to keep baking. I also put a Happy Easter poster in our window to brighten the week, and offered shopping for a nearby carer.
Ray, WoodcroftSA
The young lady on the phone at Woolworths. Was so good at helping men dis not get her name buti tried asking she was magic with her help. The day before yesterday a young man named Josh brought me bread milk and a block of chocolate but would not take money for the items. Thank you both so much for what you have done for Me
Elizabeth, Tranmere
Have placed 2 teddy bears in my front window for children on bear hunts. Loved the chalk rainbows on footpaths. Baked nut rolls for couple of cake loving neighbours.
Paula, Daw park
I live on units and we dont have a gardener. Despite Having a chronic illness i keep not only mine but my 94 year old neighbors garden weeded and leaves cleared and bushes trimmed. I hate gardening but happy to help her out.
Alison, Goolwa
We live in a seniors residential village in Goolwa and was surprised one morning by a text message with photo. I said to hubby, it’s your niece dear. The photo was of our front porch! She had only driven a 50k round trip from her home, to leave some necessary needed goods for us with a lovely card. We caught her driving off, I cried happy tears; what a heart of gold she has.
Dean, Oaklands Park S.A.
Today I had to purchase 3 bags of flour each weighing 12.5 kilos and as I'm 92 a very king young man helped me by placing firstly on a trolley and then into my car. This made my day and gave me hope for our future generations
Deanne, Greenwith
Going through the drive through early in the morning last week on our way to work in Port Pirie, the sequence was out so we asked the server to please take the order from the car next to us which had been waiting longer than us. The driver smiled indicating her thanks but what she did after that left us with a big smile on our faces — this total stranger paid our bill!
Derek, Millicent
I gave a bindle of toilet paper to a needy family
Lisa, Salisbury
After weeks of trying to find toilet paper for My family (Single Mum with 3 kids) I managed to score a 24 pack! I know how stressed I had been about running out and Easter was only a few days away. I offered 12 rolls on My Facebook first. No one needed them. So I individually bagged up the rolls and placed them in our frontyard with a sign "Free please take if you need♡"
Janet, Bolivar
We are renting a cabin in a caravan park our next door neighbour is struggling with isolation. He plays music most of the day fairly loud but it does not bother us. But one day when we went on our daily walk when we got back and we found a bottle of wine sitting on our porch. Thought that was lovely of him. Hopefully he will be ok.
Jessica, Broadview
My friend and I both have young babies and I'm struggling a bit. She messages me every day to see how I'm going
My neighbour works for Woollies : yesterday he gave the surrounding neighbours quiches and tarts that he made at this work. He had his little son deliver these items to our doors, under his supervision, and with such a big smile. He was so happy to do this. I wish all my neighbors were the same.
Pam, Birdwood
Birdwood Foodland, customer at checkout was flustered as she was trying to buy milk 6 cartons but was limited to 2 only but desperately needed them to feed a foal, 2 of us behind her in queue bought her 2 each and refused reimbursement as goodwill for saving a baby horse. She was very thankful.
Maggie, Port Elliot
My pleasure has been to contact 3 of the residents at our local nursing home and purchase goods(treats)for them.
Taheerah, Mount Gambier
I am a nurse and during this hard time I received a card that made me happy and saying this... "Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin. ... A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected" - By spike milligan
Sarah , Flagstaff Hill
We have 3 of our own dogs at home, but figure because I am lucky enough to be able to work from home at the moment now was the perfect time to take on a foster pup. This is Piper, she is an 11 week old Border Collie X Kelpie. Despite the accidents on our rugs and carpets we love teaching her the ways of the world and she gives plenty of love in return.
Kate, Sellicks Beach
Our neighbours, Angela & Tony, introduced themself last week and brought homemade biscuits. We had never talked with them before, but this challenging time sparked a new conversation and a new friendship. It's nice to be a part of a community.
Natasha , Maylands
I live in Maylands and many residents have joined together by placing teddy bears in their gardens and front windows that allow children to do a teddy bear hunt around the local streets. It gives young children something to do when their playgrounds have been shut and it unites the community when we most need it. 💜
Stirling District, Stirling SA
Kindness is one of our kindergarten's values. Our 4 year old children drew pictures to thank our community's essential workers for keeping us safe. Children delivered/posted these posters to local fire stations, supermarkets, doctor's, etc. of their own choice. Children have also written to our lovely (vulnerable) volunteers who are unable to be with us at the centre. We recorded songs for our local nursing home, and displayed our "walking together" art work for passers-by.
Sue, Toorak Gardens
Yesterday I had to call the RAA to get my car going...yes it needed a new battery 😣 but it was made quick, and easy and painless by the fixer - an absolute treasure who loves his job and the RAA - I am 73 and it makes so much difference to meet a person like that who is respectful and KIND! Made my day! Cheers
Kiera, Torrensville
My parents started an amazing page 'We Care in The West' on Facebook to help our community through the pandemic. They have helped so many people including through food boxes and providing 25 bags of Easter goodies for special needs adults that would otherwise go without. I'm so proud of them for going above and beyond to help others during this time. Would love to win some goodies to share with them.
Kylie, Hope Valley
Kids had fun chalking up the footpath with a Footpath Challenge for themselves and all local kids to use on their exercise walks. The challenge stretches from one corner of the block to the next corner. We have heard families enjoying it as they pass our house. Got the idea from a friend who did it with her kids ❤
Mahmoud (Danny) , Hectorville Adelaide
I went to Pasadena shopping centre for purchasing toilet paper for our clients. I'm a disability support worker. There were 3 packs there but I collected 2,as another lady looked at me from distance. Then. Another old man and an old lady came upset because of lack of stuff. Finally, all of us talked friendly and I gave another one to the old lady, as looked really needed. All was love, kindness, understanding and forgiveness.
We baked Easter cookies and cupcakes and shared them with our elderly neighbours. It brightened their day and ours.
Easter Day, My husband and I went and bought some chocolate rabbits to give to the children in the neighbourhood, we thought it would be a community spirit with all this negativity going on, and my mother in law had passed away that week, so we needed some positivity to give back to the universe so that's what we did, and was received very well! I urge others to do the same, no matter how
Geoffrey, Adelaide
I cooked breakfast for my partner and her daughters and their partners and granddaughter.
Sputnik, Athelstone
In the face of just about everything being cancelled, we created a tshirt for the one thing that never should be, especially at times like this: kindness. 100% of the profits from our 'being kind is never cancelled' tshirts are donated to people in Bali who have no tourism, no income and no welfare. They're available from and it's been pretty great seeing them pop up around the place.
Lisa, Kingscote KI
One continual flow of kindness is from Lucy fox. She makes pies, soup and treats and drops off to people that either aren’t eating properly due to stress, kids, age or just basic struggling. She sends food to us as she is aware of my struggles with health and kids.
Lindsay, Parafield Gardens
I was walking along close to the kerb when a motorist pulled up and asked directions to another suburb. I said 'Drive another twenty feet'. I ran down to the spot which had a parking bay and was in a better position to see the turnoff I was to direct him too. I waited and he didn't move and the next thing he asked directions of another pedestrian saying 'Some idiot said twenty feet'
Margaret, North Plympton
I feel really blessed. I am having a special birthday in a few days time and before Covid19 started my daughters, one living in Vietnam and one in Melbourne were coming to Adelaide for the occasion, naturally I was very disappointed at this not happening. Well, a dear friend has organised a group of Ten, family and friends to come and celebrate this special day with me.
Alison, Reeves Plains 5502
Standing at the checkout talking to my husband on the phone sounding excited as I had found dog food, sugar and rice at the local supermarket, he asked if there was toilet paper. I replied no but eventually I will find some. The gentleman in front of me took his 36 packet of paper off of the checkout and put it in my trolley. I refused, but he insisted. I cried. Kindness plus xx
Jane, Fullarton SA
RAA email asked "if you have a question" , so I asked for a pair of yellow boots worn by the people in the RAA advertisement. What followed was some gorgeous emails from Annie & because they couldn't provide the yellow boots or a handsome man in uniform sent me a box of Menz chocolates. Made my day!!! (My chidlren are checking out locked dementia units in nursing homes) Thankyou Annie and RAA
Amit, Oakden
I have been a part of this group that donated meals for the International students who are stuck here in these difficult time. It's so heart touching to know that people actually are so considerate and thoughtful. It's a matter of time before we come out of this situation together and stronger.
Trevor , Evanston
My sister in-law had been involved in a vehicle collision, her repairer couldn’t supply a loan vehicle for the repair duration, so I offered my second vehicle for the fortnight, which was gratefully accepted. Last night they returned my vehicle, cleaned, refuelled and bought us dinner to thanks us for getting them out of the cost of hiring a vehicle so she could continue working. Much appreciated all round.
Greer, Leabrook
Last week my school teacher neighbour was working setting up in the pupil free days online learning - I made her a pasta sauce so she did not have to worry about cooking when she got home.
Shirley, Craigmore
Hubby and I were going to take some clothing to donate at a charity store. Hubby had a super warm jacket, so instead of that, while hubby sat having a coffee, I went for a little walk. It was a freezing cold night and I knew there was normally a homeless person in the doorway. I gave him the jacket. We have done that a couple of times now, in the same area.
Catherine , Salisbury Park
In the hype of the toilet paper craze, running from store to store, I could not find any. Finally at the fifth store, I see people exiting with toilet paper. I run entire length of the mall, get to the tp section to see someone grab for the last packet. DEVASTATED! Then a perfect stranger sees my frustration, reaches for his packet in his trolley and hands it to me! Biggest act of kindness shown.
Heather, Flagstaff Hill
'Happy hour' was on Dannie this week when my amazing team mate sent me a bottle of wine. Such a lovely unexpected gift to receive! A greatly appreciated act of kindness :) Miss my team x
Meegan , Davoren Park
Received a delightful pressie yesterday for sharing my story. Sharing the kindness of this package with mum who turned 65 today. Thanks RAA!
Vickie, Evanston Gardens
I am a care worker and found myself so drained one night that i decided to get myself and housemate some takeaway .As i got back into my car a toddler girl yelled a big hello to me waving as if she knew me .i wound my window down and said hello sweetheart and she replied with kissing her hand and blowing it to me.made me smile and filled my heart. Miss my grand babies.
Rose, Fullarton
Laurel is incapacitated and reliant on help I’m her neighbour and received a call . It was getting dark and her electricity operated chair would not recline due to the base jamming against the island bar. Her carer had not arrived. I came, nudged the chair and the base rose free, lights on and aircon set...We will all need good neighbours sooner or later
Kelly, Bowden
My cousin has Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) which is a genetic lung condition. She's on oxygen and at risk. Although eligible for a Woolies delivery slot, there wasn't one for over 2 weeks! So the kids and I bought a whole bunch of groceries, including her favourite puzzle magazines and delivered a bag full of books to keep her occupied during her time in isolation. Now we email regularly about the books she's read.
I've been shopping for my Elderly Mother who is 90 and her and her friend same age, we could not get any Tissues in the supermarket, So I found some in a Chemist but only it allowed one box limit to be sold to us, we exited to be surprised by a young girl who bought and gave a box to my Mothers friend, she refused money as happy to help the old lady.
Steve, North Plympton
I share a group of units with my elderly neighbor's and I check in to see if they need anything each week when l go shopping this week l scored toilet paper for all,very exciting times for all. Good to have a laugh and share the load. Stay safe and strong.
Matt, Whyalla
Finding toilet paper in Whyalla has been like finding mewtwo in Pokémon (nearly impossible). Thankfully my mother visited me from Port Lincoln over the Easter long weekend with the holy grail ( a 24 pack of toilet paper) 😊
Dianne, Wet Croydon
We have helped by shopping for neighbours in isolation. The day that bought a smile to our face was Easter Sunday. Watering our front lawn we were surprised by all children going past on their bikes or walking with their parents. There were waves and calls of hello and how are you, are you keeping well . This was the kindest gesture of all, taking time to say hello. Thankyou children of West Croydon.❤️
Suzanne, Houghton
Despite being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in February, my daughter has cooked and delivered meals on a couple of occasions to her two grandmas and great auntie. She is always giving and enjoys cooking with her three young children.
Alethia , Golden Grove
Purchasing 6 bags of garden mulch today and trying to load them in into my car without the trolley rolling away, I heard a ladies voice ask if she could load them for me. Being of the older age group I was delighted to accept even though she did not appear much younger than me. I thanked her for her kindness from the bottom of my heart.
Chalk drawings to brighten up the passers by done by this artistic neighbour.
Frances, Tanunda
My lovely neighbours check in with me regularly. I was feeling a bit down recently because my dear old Mum (99years!) is in lockdown at her nursing home in Adelaide. My sisters & I can't visit, so we are all fretting. My neighbours' 9 year old daughter learnt of this & composed a delightful letter to my Mum to cheer her up (with illustrations). I gladly gave them my Mum's address. Such kindness. SO grateful.
Sarah , Heathfield
Just trying to do our bit for our local community “Take what you need leave what you don’t”
Michele, Aberfoyle Park SA
Our neighbours both work in the Health Industry and as a thank you we gave them a bag of cherry tomatoes, chilli and basil from our garden (both from home and the Community Garden). What was a surprise a day or so later when they dropped off some homemade bread!
George, Port Noarlunga
I live alone and my age requires me to stay at home. My Daughter walks every morning to keep fit. Each time she walks she turns her phone on to Face Time and I see wherever she goes. It’s just one way to help me to cope with being shut in.
Amy, Prospect
There’s nothing like a surprise bunch of flowers to brighten someone’s day! A close friend had a rough week, juggling home schooling her children and doing her best to work full time at home, all while managing her own challenging medical condition. I surprised her by ordering a gorgeous bunch of flowers from another friend who’s a florist - the perfect way to support a friend’s small, local business and make them both smile!
ilianna, Grange
3 weeks I met a lady in Aldi who had 4 kids and had been looking for toilet paper supplies for 3 weeks with no luck and as the Aldi opened early than stated she just miss out....when I was at check out due to my convo' I was offered a multi pack of TP which I declined but went to get the lady I'd met so she could buy it...she was very grateful!
Lynette, Munno Para
My granddaughter and her friend made up packs of small Easter eggs for the residents at an Aged Care facility. Due to lock down they were only allowed to give them to a employee or then handed them out. The girls sanitized their hands constantly to ensure safety. They wanted to try and make the lock down situation a bit more bearable.
Andrea, Salisbury East
We've been super fortunate to find the ever illusive toilet paper, and knowing of friends struggling to locate the endangered species, we found a few packs recently. As 'payment' for these items, good ol' fashioned bartering has ensued. I've now got the best tomato relish recipe known to mankind, a baker friend supplied me with cookies and macaroons! I'll even get puppy cuddles when another friend picks up his pack :)
Vera, Seacliff Park
I belong to a woman’s organisation called VIEW which supports disadvantaged children through The Smith Family. We have around 115 members that normally meet regularly for meetings and other social activities. We were worried about our members as most are ladies over 60. Many are living alone or are carers so the committee decided to get a group of us to call each of our members regularly to check on their well being.
Linda, Gilles Plains
Grace Poole of Statenborough Homes in Learning SA, had been leading singing from her balcony with the support of her neighbour on the violin, at 11am everyday t OK entertain the residents in isolation due to social distancing practice in Australia. Many bring their deckchairs to sit below their balconies to listen & sing with them. What kindness & thoughtfulness is this.
Charlotte, Tanunda
With the help of some very generously donated and at cost goods, Faith Lutheran College donated 700 care packages to staff, students, families, the local medical centre and local churches. The packages included potatoes, onions, pretzels, toilet paper and vouchers for meat and wine so that families could share a BBQ with loved ones at little or no cost to them. The community has been hit hard and sharing food always makes you feel better.
Tania, West Lakes
I am a professional portrait artist and for the last few weeks (during isolation) I have been photographing 'Front Door Family Portraits' in exchange for donations to Foodbank SA and have raised over $3000 so far. The generosity of families I have met is wonderful and it shows that when communities join together, we can make a big difference to help those in need. It has been a wonderful experience.
Linda, Tennyson
I play UNO with a friend of 92 years young. Her daughters are in NSW & my Mum was in the UK so we adopted each other 20 odd years ago. We play outside doing social distancing and I have adapted the game so we each play with our own pack of cards. It's fast, fun and we have a good laugh.
Linda, Seaton
Pulling up weeds in my lawn and neighbours lawn that has gone to flower. Also digging up puff balls in community area. Plus knocking on my neighbours door with half a bag hot chips to neighbour kids that I got when I had fish and chips on day.
David, Mitcham
Our family has been supporting our elderly neighbours with shopping while they self isolate being over 70 years old. In addition, assisting with doctor & chemist visits as required.
Dannielle, Craigmore
This Easter my daughter and I decorated little Easter baskets and filled them eggs, then on Easter Sunday we dropped them at the doorstep of our neighbours houses (6 in total) to bring a bit of happiness in this time. We even got to meet some neighbours we didn’t yet know.
Anthony , Glenunga
Michelle & Adrian and boys have joined a growing number of Glenunga residents bringing joy to young and old sharing their 'bed buddies' with those who traverse the local streets. Like all acts of kindness - it is infectious. Behind each 'bed buddy' is a family saying they want to be part of bringing silver linings to lighten the impact of Covid 19 - displaying a desire to be neighbourly and to build this community.
Rosemarie , Fullarton 5063
I live in a apartment complex with many very elderly people. Just a smile or collecting her Mail each week I can tell means so much. I open envelopes for her because of her arthritis and friendly chat to bring her up to date It’s a little thing on my part but for my chair bound neighbour ...a lot.
Brian, Craigmore
Staff member at Drakes supermarket, helped an older lady with her groceries, saw she was struggling so decided to carry the grocery home for her. Well done.
Allan, Broken Hill
The wife and I are in our 80s we were in the car got a puncture very hard for us to put the spare on going to ring RAA when a elderly man pulled up asked if we right took a look at the puncture I will change it for us wish we got name would like to shout him a beer!
Amanda, Sturt
Like everyone, I had run out of toilet paper. I was lucky at the supermarket, as they were stocking shelves with 36 packs. I bought one pack. I took six rolls out and left the rest in the car. Weeks later, I overheard two parents shopping (with 3 small boys in tow) worried because they had run out and been unable to purchase toilet paper anywhere. So I apologised for eavesdropping and gave them 12.
Loretta, Aberfoyle Park
This relates to a Security Officer from MSS who greets people at FMC main entrance. He was rostered on yesterday 4 May at about 3:30pm. He is so bright, happy and warm in his greeting, it is uplifting. He was on several weeks ago and was just as pleasant. He deserves to be recognised!
Sarah, Hawthorndene
Neighbours in our street have decorated their driveway with chalk and left chalk out for walkers like me to add to their message of love. But not only that they also have a covered box of individually covered rolls of loo paper for passers by to share! Just lovely.
Jordon, Blackwood
A man fell over the other day running along the Hallet Cove boardwalk. He hit his head, was dazed and was bleeding from cuts. A beautiful young woman quickly checked he was okay and then assisted him to his car.
Tsambika, Mile End
In the time of isolation I've appreciated the closeness of family. I'm staying with my orderly Mum temporarily due to several health issues. I also check up on her 2 neighbour's who have terminal cancer. I occasionally drop off food to them. Tonight to their surprise they'll be receiving Lasagna which is still in the oven.
Ann, Parafield Gardens
We are in Quarantine,just back from Tasmania. Our neighbour John who we usually have an afternoon coffee with each week knocked on the window and left a pack of biscuits and 2 coffee packs on the bench.Will keep the bickies for our next get together Hope it won't be too long John
Paula, Rostrevor
My tenant is going through a separation/divorce and has a child to support, so I've offered her $10 per week off her rent for the duration of her tenancy. She is yet to accept the offer but I hope it helps. I'm currently unemployed due to the covid 19 circumstances, so rent is my only income, but I have faith that good karma always wins
James, Christies beach
I have a ally way from my place all the way to the beach. Over the Easter weekend three young girls had there chalk out and did drawings the whole way down the path. It reminded me of my childhood and it was great to see the young ones out and enjoying the simple things in life... like the outdoors. Much more fun that a xbox. It was really refreshing 😁
Diane, Seaview Downs
My beautiful Daughter Samantha rang up and asked me if I needed any shopping done as she was prepared to come and do it for me. You might ask what is so special about this. Well the answer is she lives at Clare a two hour drive from Seaview Downs where I live. This would mean four hours of driving there and back just to buy me a pound of butter. Luckily I was fine.
Abbie, Rosslyn Park
This year for my birthday (As we’re staying in) I’m throwing a blood donation party. All my friends are booking in, and making my bday wish come true. Very thankful.
Niranjala, Whyalla Playford
On Easter Sunday I spotted a figure walking away from our front door. On opening it I found 4 beautiful cup-cakes kept for us as a surprise gift. They'd been made by our young friend Sakila as a token of thanks. She makes beautiful cakes as a business, but found time to make these as a gift, whilst looking after her 2 year daughter and home-schooling her 7 year old son!
Sandra, Woodcroft
I want to say a special thanks to YOU, RAA Victor Harbor, for so kindly ringing my COVID house-bound mum and dropping a gift box at her doorstep last week. I presume you were thinking of your senior members and wanting to bless them in some way.
brian, Victor Harbor
I just want to thank RAA for being proactive at this time for promoting good-news (kindness) stories. We are constantly bombarded with stressful stories of how many people died in every country in the world. This constant negativity from nearly every news report on every media you can imagine can/ does depress most people, it's just a matter of time! So a big "Thankyou" as it can/will help to offset this to some degree.
Joan, Hectorville
My late Dad's 20 year old Statesman with toebar & 6 x 4 trailer are not needed. We had sold our AVan. We contacted KI recovery Centre. Now the car & trailer are owned by a couple whose property was completely burnt out. They were delighted to receive these goods & we were so pleased to be able to help them.
Ros, Mount Barker
Due to being in Mandatory Isolation after contracting Covid-19, I was unable to take my cat Skye to the vet last week following a seizure. Our friend Jade came to the rescue and transported Skye to our Vet. Skye who hates being in cars and strangers, not only hissed all the way there and at the Vet staff but did a pee and poo on the way. Despite a car clean, Jade and Skye recovered.
Rosa , Unley
Our wonderful babysitter kindly dropped on our doorstep not only huge chocolate bunnies but hand drawn colouring in pictures that kept the kids entertained. Thanks Cate!
Cecelia, Evanston Gardens
I love to crochet! I had lots of left over balls of wool given to me so I crocheted a rug. When it was finished I decided to give it to this lovely 90 year old who had given me the wool. She was overjoyed with it and keeps it on her chair to use over her to keep her warm in this cold weather, she really appreciated it.
Kylie, Kingswood
My dad goes for coffee every week with a group of retired men- they call themselves the Barossa Coffee Boys. They've come up with an idea to help small businesses recover from the COVID19 pandemic (they've even written a poem!). They're asking everyone who can to tell their local small business operators to 'Keep the Change'. Their goal is to spread the message and help as many small businesses as possible.
I broke my right wrist 8 weeks ago; I still can't use that hand. My son's friend dropped by unexpectedly with a knife and chopping board to cut up my butternut pumpkin so I could cook soup (in my garden to social distance). She drove half an hour just to help me out! She also brought a couple of her fresh pumpkin scones and a roll of toilet paper.
Karan, Hope Valley
My midwife Goddaughter, living in the next suburb, appreared at our door two nights ago. She had made delicious glazed cardamom yeast buns from scratch on her day off. She decided to share the love. One bun for each of us in our household. They were a very tasty and kind reminder of our connection while we are physically separated just now.
Jeff, St Peters
Visited a friend at Holden Hill and unknown to me at the time of departure my wallet parted from me. On return approximately 2 hours later a lady was waiting for me in our laneway. Out of the car she addressed me and verified who I was. She was holding my wallet. What an Angel. She drove many kms to deliver it personally and awaited my arrival home. I was so grateful. Bless you lady.
Catriona , Mitcham
At the beginning of this covid time my husband fell off his bike and broke his femur badly. Neighbours and friends rallied around and brought home cooked meals to our doorstep. Was such a beautiful thing to do and so greatly appreciated! The leg is getting better now and we plan to throw a party when we are allowed to, to thank our amazing community!
Peter, Hope Valley
My local mechanic's buisness like so many others is in dire troubles. From being flat out to very little activity. We had our car serviced, promptly paid the bill and gifted a nice bottle of SA produced wine. It brought a heartfelt thankyou and smile from someone doing it pretty tough.
Kimberly, Wayville
Our neighbours a few doors down left a letter in every ones letter box introducing themselves, asking if we needed anything and invited everyone to take place in the bear hunt around our neighbourhood. Now our entire street is full of teddy bears and beautiful chalk drawings.
Leilah, Valley View
My brother started his own business as a coffee cart in February. When his events stopped and he was ineligible for jobkeeper, he set up the cart in the shed. Having heard (and loving) his story and what he was doing last week a local business contacted him to 'pay it forward' and chuck $100 on the register allowing approx. 25 people to get a free coffee. Since then other business are following suit.
Leesa, Reynella
I have been messaging or talking on the phone every day with family and friends, making sure everyone is ok. I have had toilet paper and hot cross buns left on my doorstep by very kind friends.
Lin, cadell
One of my customers came in on Sunday morning to collect their paper and presented me with a vase of home grown yellow roses. "Just for you for keeping the store open and your kindness." Of course I cried! Sometimes it's just those small gestures when you are tired, as we work 7 days a week. Really appreciated this thoughtful gesture.
Marina, Fullarton
My lunchtime walk was brightened up by my neighbours adding a splash of colour in their front yard 🌈 Love seeing everyone's creativity come out to share kindness!
Linda, Salisbury Heights
My Sister & I take photos for our Collage Challenge idea. It motivates us to exercise & we share the collages with others to cheer them up too. It's working & a great morale boost. Try it. Download an App to make these. Kind regards to all📱users!
Lisa, Paralowie
I work for an auto parts store and had a young man with autism come in who had just bought his first car and was needing items to do a service on it. When i tallied it all up it came to a bit more than he could afford, so i put my team discount to it then paid it for him. He was so appreciative he went and bought me some ferrero roches.
Leonie, Hayborough
*Brightening up Easter at ACH McLaren Vale.* I ran a colouring in competition at Colton Court for the people in the nursing home. This kept them busy due to Lock Down Restrictions. Winners Nance 91yrs and Ruby 83yrs runner up. I brought them heat socks and colour in pencils. Their colour in was very cute.
Karen, Wallaroo
I made matchsticks and delivered to friends front doors. Also a friend made huge pasties and delivered to all friends. I also made my son a cake for his birthday and videoed him and cupcakes for my grandchildren which we videoed.
Lynn, Mount Barker
I lost my life partner just before Christmas, a sad time for the whole family. Joy has been hard to find in recent months, but for Easter, a surprise box of beautiful cupcakes turned up on my doorstep, thanks to 3 loving grandchildren. My tears turned to tears of joy.
peter, Mawson Lakes
The large lake at Mawson Lakes is a favourite for walkers and runners of all shapes, sizes and and abilities (with miscellaneous dogs). Their numbers have actually increased during the COVID 19 crisis, sharing greetings while observing social distancing. Over Easter, the chalk message "Happy Easter" appeared in several places. It was soon followed by "Love". then "Star" then "You're a Star!". It warms the heart to see these small tokens of affection.
Danniii, Morphett vale
Being able to put a smile on a residents face through this shitty virus covid time i am only a cleaner but i have been there support person in listening to them crying with them making sure they are ok having myself be there for the eldery when they really bloody well need someone i do it beause they are amazing HUMAN BEINGS with so much history n knowledge and kindess
Michael, Lock
This is in Lock on the Eyre Peninsula and was erected by locals but I don't know who. What I do know is that it provides hope and happiness in this crazy period of our lives.
Marina, Fullarton
I've loved seeing a bunch of my neighbours decorate their fences for kids (and big kids) to enjoy out on walks - like cute teddy bears. Such a simple way to brighten someone's day.
Ian and Jenni, Dover gardens
We visit Mary a couple of doors down from us she has lived in our suburb for over 50 years, she is 94 and doing it tough. We shop for her at Food land up the road, and we have her mobile no. so she can ring us at anytime if she needs anything.
Kathy, Melrose Park
Down to my last two rolls of toilet paper at Foodland I found the last pack of 45 rolls. An elderly lady asked if there was anymore and looked so sad, I asked her to meet me at the checkout where another lady asked me the same, after purchasing it, I opened the bag and gave them 8 rolls each, they offered money but I refused, so happy to share and help complete strangers.
Beryl, Marino
As Covid 19 goes global,The news each day is bad. But, I don't get too downhearted 'cos one thing makes me glad. I may be isolated and living quite alone Trying to keep cheerful ,trying not to moan My family all stay in touch,my neighbours make a stop To ask me what I'm needing when they are at the shop. I go out for a little walk around the neighbourhood People walking by my house call out, "Hi there,are you good?" I chat to friends on video all throughout the days. Even some from overseas call when I'm in P J's! I'm sharing lots of laughter and sometimes a few tears As all of us are trying hard to deal with all our fears. I'm joining in the classes online from my gym. I'm watching lots of movies, joining in a hymn. I'm sharing silly emails with friends of friends of friends. I hope one day I'll get to meet when this pandemic ends. I'm older now and live alone,but lonely? No, I've got my phone!
My husband who works for the RAA replaced a battery for a lady who was having trouble getting toilet paper she told him they were using tissues so after he replaced her battery he came home and grabbed a four pack of toilet paper and took it back to her. Poor lady was in tears as the first thing she did when her car got fixed was try and get toilet paper but still couldn't.
mary, clearview
recently, when I was about to head out on my morning walk I saw a homeless man, during these corona virus times homeless people have no shelter or anything! its impossible to quarantine! I immediately rushed to the shops and bought him some food/water, now everyday we wave at each other when I pass.
Kylie, Hallett Cove
My 86yr old Father in law, Brian, has come to stay with us from hospital. He is vey close to his 88yr sister but with restrictions couldn’t see her, so her son in law set up FT on her iPad and I connected my FIL on my phone and they spoke face to face, Brian using a mobile for the very first time. They kept saying how marvellous it was.
Carol, Salisbury
I’ve been checking in on an elderly lady that lives opposite me just to make sure she’s ok as she has very few visitors. Anyway she asked if I could buy her some of her heart smart milk if I see any. So today I managed to get her 2 x 1 litre cartons. She was happy when I knocked on her door to give them to her. It made me feel happy too.
Mark, Morphett Vale
Whilst shopping at my local Woolworths last week out the front were two 12 or 13 yo children giving away free toilet paper to the elderly,really restored my faith in humanity ♥️♥️♥️
Bob, 5035
I have just harvested a good crop of quinces and made quince paste, jelly and jam. Each of my neighbours will be getting a jar of Quince jam. This is to repay their kindness and friendship as neighbours. When you have that bit extra it’s time to share.
Michael, Strathalbyn
My daughter visited the local supermarket and needed an item that was limited to 1. She explained to the checkout that she has 9 people living in her house and needed more. To no avail. The lady behind her offered to purchase one for her. The checkout was helpful and with little fuss the deal was done. To the unknown lady in Strath, a great big thank you.
peter, Encounter Bay
More of a joke than a story. A young puppy said to its mother, Mummy, why are all the people wearing muzzles (masks)?
Anthea, Bowden
My sons and I made a really long chalk walk in our local area for children to play along. Hopping, skipping, jumping and twirling it was quite challenging. We wanted a safe & fun place for small children to enjoy and we delighted in watching their joy. Especially when trying to get their parents to join in.
Peta , Norwood
At Easter we saw local children (we don't know) draw beautiful pictures and messages in chalk on the shared driveway. After dark, my daughter and I went out and wrote a message from the Easter bunny. The next day the children wrote back to check it was really 'him'. We responded and it was priceless hearing their squeals of delight - saying that they really believed in the Easter bunny now.
Riding along the linear park I saw three teenage lads cycling towards me. The first rode past with a big smile and said "Good', the next rode past with a big smile and said 'After' and the third rode past much to my delight and said 'Noon'. I couldn't stop smiling!
Tony, Prospect
Helped 2 ladys possibly in there 60 or 70s with a torch and how many batteries it required in bunnings who were told to wait for help insted of just heading of because i had already paid for my shopping and put smiles on there faces 😁
Kathleen, KINGS PARK
An unexpected sparkle shone from the letterbox at Easter and Anzac morning - some beautiful art work with an Easter egg and the same with an Anzac biscuit. Francesca - 8 years old was the artist. She delivered her magic to all the residents in our retirement complex. Francesca and her family live 2 doors down - what joy to everyone. Thoughtfulness so appreciated.
Cara, Yankalilla
After the initial hospitality closures, a very kind member of our community offered to pay for a takeaway schnitzel at the local pub for any hospitality workers who lost their jobs. Supporting locals and supporting the community!