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RAA’s plea for driver vigilance to reduce road trauma

Friday, 21st Aug 2020

Motorists are three times more likely to be killed or seriously injured when involved in a casualty crash in rural SA compared to metropolitan Adelaide, latest figures obtained by RAA show.

Among the most common types of crashes resulting in a casualty in regional SA are hitting a fixed object (29%) and a vehicle roll over (15%), State Government data shows.

RAA is urging drivers to be vigilant and remember the dangers of fatigue, distraction and speeding when behind the wheel.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said almost a third of casualty crashes in the regions resulted in a fatality or serious injury during the past five years.

“In comparison, only one-in-ten casualty crashes in metropolitan Adelaide resulted in a death or serious injury in that period,’’ Mr Mountain said.

“Crashes in regional SA can have more catastrophic consequences because they tend to occur while vehicles are travelling on roads with higher speed limits.

“Travelling at these speeds means making a bad decision – such as driving while tired, distracted or above the speed limit – increases the risk of serious injury or death in a crash.’’

Mr Mountain said reminding drivers to take care was timely given the popularity of regional driving holidays due to COVID-19 travel restrictions interstate and overseas.

“If you’re going on a regional holiday, make sure you drive to the conditions, plan regular rest breaks and put your safety and that of other road users at the top of your driving agenda,’’ he said.

“RAA also advocates for government investment in regional road maintenance and infrastructure for safety and efficiency of freight and tourism.’’

According to State Government figures (2015-19): 

  • In the past five years, 30% of regional casualty crashes resulted in serious injury or fatality, compared to 10% of casualty crashes resulting in serious injury or fatality for city/metro areas.
  • Almost 30% of regional casualty crashes involve hitting a fixed object, compared to 13% in the metropolitan area
  • Around 15% of regional casualty crashes involve a vehicle roll over, compared to 2% in the metropolitan area.
  • In the past five year there were 381 casualty crashes in regional SA during August – 15 were fatal, 110 resulted in serious injury and 256 minor injuries.